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My husband thinks I’m a hypochondriac

May 25, 2009

Or rather, he thinks I’m becoming a hypochondriac mother. Why, you ask? because the other day I mentioned that I wanted our daughter to drink vitamin D fortified milk even though the nurse said she didn’t need it. I have read many things suggesting that girls especially need to absorb their calcium well while they are young, that play catch up when they are older doesn’t do as much in the fight against osteoporosis as getting their calcium young. Perhaps the nurse didn’t know that, perhaps it is enough to just get sunshine, but their are many days when I wonder. Anyway, is it really that big of a deal to have her drink vitamin D milk? I just don’t think so.

The other thing is that she is going to the ear specialist to see about tubes. Now, that is something we both decided on after many months of multiple ear infections and noticing that she wasn’t making different sounds like the other kids her age and seeing that sometimes it seemed as though she couldn’t hear, but he used that as a strike against me too!

The third thing that got the argument going in the first place is that I reminded him that if she continues to sleep really badly until she is two that maybe we should get a sleep study done on her (which are pediatrician said we could consider when she is two). We have insomniacs on both sides of the family and our daughter has always had sleeping problems. She wakes up multiple times throughout the night, she wakes up and can´t get back to sleep and she doesn’t sleep as many hours as other kids her age. I had problems with sleep and I just don’t want her to continue this. I think that the best thing to do is to nip it in the bud before school starts. I really believe I could have done better in school had I been able to sleep properly.

Anyway, he started telling me he didn’t want me to become a hypochondriatic mom (which is so against my personality) and started to explain why he was against preventive medicine. The arguement got a bit heated (especially on my side because I was offened that he would say something like that about me) and nothing really got resolved. What I hate about arguments like that is that the parent who doesn’t want the test done automatically wins the argument. I’m not going to go behind my husband’s back and do it. That isn’t how we work, so he wins. And that isn’t necessarily for the good of our daughter.

So for the record I just want to say, I’m just a mother, not a hypochondriac mother!

Vent over. Now I can stop being annoyed at my husband, which lasted all day yesterday. (Yes, I am one of those who have a hard time changing their mood on things like that. I’m a work in progress.)

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