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Goldfish between my toes

May 29, 2009

A toddler’s unbalance and her misunderstanding of the need to hold her plastic bowl upright, no matter what she is trying to reach or climb up onare the bane of my existance today. Today, more than any other day, for some reason she is unable to keep the goldfish in the bowl. I haven’t been counting but if I had been I’m pretty sure the count would be around ten times. TEN TIMES the bowl has been tipped and all the goldfish have dropped one by one onto the floor. And each time they break into smaller pieces, which not only makes it harder to clean up, but makes it harder to decide which is worth salvaging and which isn’t.

So now the little girl is in bed and napping. Hopefully more sleep will bring to her a greater consciousness of how to hold her bowl full of goldfish, but I’m pretty sure that more likely than not it is only and intermission long enough for me to clean up the floor, wipe the bits from my feet and organize the house just in time for it all to happen again.

The joys of being a SAHM.

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