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Who has more “gym” rights?

May 29, 2009

I like working out. I like it. Call me crazy, but I do. I also like to eat (just about) anything I want, so it is good that I like to work out, no? The problem at the moment is that my husband is trying to lose weight. About 20 pounds. And since he has a desk job and it looks like his metabolism dropped when he hit his late 20’s, it is a bit difficult for him. But he is getting into the workout routine and trying to eat better (although he still can’t grasp the “5 meals a day” thing, no matter how many people tell him). At the moment he works out about 4 times a week and is looking great. Really.

But my question is: who gets more rights to workout? I think that most people would say the person who is trying to lose the weight. But it really frustrates  me when he just decides to play a match with his brother or whatever and doesn’t even ask me what my plans were! We decided that we would split the week up, but Fridays are still a bit in the air. I get Saturday morning and he can have Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, but Friday night is supposed to be my night. And listen to this, I have a class at 9pm! So he even has the chance to do something before then! But today he informs me that he is playing a match from 5 to 7 with his brother and that they (brother, wife, child) will then be staying for dinner. Which means that they will still be here by 9, which means I either look rude by running out the door or I try to be gracious and not go. But last week I didn’t get to go because he was out with a friend until 9:15. Just long enough for me to miss the class.

So my voice on the phone probably wasn’t that excited about the situation because he said, “Don’t worry, just go to the gym. They’re family, they won’t think it’s rude.”

But is that even the point?

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