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Creationism is a lost belief

June 18, 2009

It is a well known fact in my family (now that my husband blurted it out during a family dinner party which put me on the spot and started about 4 discussions around the table) that I believe in creationism. Apparently my FIL and I are the only ones. My MIL admitted that she believes in evolution, which apparently surprised my FIL and sparked one of the 4 discussions round the table.

It is interesting to me how interested most people are in talking to me about my open belief. They want to know why, how come and other such things. During the length of our discussion the majority of them say something along the lines of: “Huh, I guess I was just taught it and I never bothered to second guess it” at some point.

Interesting how we aren’t taught critical thinking any more. Not in school and not at home. I wasn’t taught it at school. Nope. Not even in college. I learned it from my grandfather, thank the Lord for him! I might have taken his teachings a bit far  in high school in making my critical thinking a bit disrespectful, but what 15 year old wouldn’t?

The point is that it was taught to me. If he hadn’t I might be a very different person right now. See, naturally, I am the sort of person who wants to believe what I hear, even if it is just a commercial. I want to believe that this yogurt will make me younger and that this fairy tale fictitious book can come true and that Hollywood did their research so therefor eveything in that movie is factual.

But I don’t believe it. Or at least, I don’t just swallow it.

But why do people swallow evolution without questioning it? Now, the people who don’t believe in God and don’t want to believe that there is anything else other than the here and now, I get them. Of course they believe in evolution. It’s their religion.

But what about the Christians? My family in Catholic. And everyone, save the youngest, goes to Mass pretty regularly and think that it’s important to bring their children up in the church. So why do they believe that we came from monkeys. My BIL points out that quite possibly God only put the bare minimum in place and let the millions of years take over the rest. They (my husband along with them, and some people who are even more devout than my family) like to tell me that the Bible is really more of a reference. That you can’t just take everything word for word.

And this is how I stop the discussion, “And who are you to decide which words are referential and which are absolute truth.”

They usually get defensive then and I just sit back and smile.

See, I’m the kind of person who is going to go all out on every task. When I walk into a gym class I remind myself, “You either put energy into it or leave.” If I believe you, then I believe you. I believe in the Bible. I just be a baby christian, but I will tell you flat out I believe it. I believe the passage in Genesis that says God made man in his very image. I believe that God MADE man. That he formed him from the dust. Because if I didn’t, then why would I believe that he died for me or loves me or healed me or kept me alive as a child? Why would I believe that my loved ones who are no longer here are with him?

Again, I ask, “Who are you to decided which words are true and which aren’t?”

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