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Oh, What a day!

June 26, 2009

I woke up at the usual time with the usual “DA!” coming from DD room. We laid on the couch for half an hour while she drank milk and watched cartoons and mommy tried to keep her eyes open. I don’t know why I’m so tired. Three cups of coffee later (and much regret as my fingers tremble and I make more typing mistakes than my patience can handle) I am now guzzling water and still trying to stay awake. I hate it that some days I wake up rearing to go and others I can’t seem to find the energy to shower. Perhaps it is because on Thursdays I don’t go to the gym. That’s where yoga comes in right after I finish the post. My aching back is looking foward to it!

Unfortunately, my DD is getting her molars in and even after a dose of Tylenol she has decided to be the crabbiest I have ever seen her. There could be kids out there equally as crabby, but not any more! Really.

Nothing was alright for her this morning. Of course it didn’t help that she was hungry and refused to eat. I’m sure due to the molars. I know how painful those can be since my dentist made me let my wisdom teeth grow in better taking the out. Seriously, it hurts!

All DD wanted to do was watch Baby Einstein and get her way. “That’s it,” she would tell you. “That’s all. And yet apparently mommy wasn’t up to the task.”

I wouldn’t let her throw the ball in the house, I wouldn’t let her dump the potato chips on the floor, I wouldn’t buy her a toy at the store when we bought our friends’ baby a present, I wasn’t playing correctly with the blocks (so I left her alone, which seemed to make her happier) and I couldn’t get something out of her eye quickly enough to avoid discomfort. I’m not sure if it was sunscreen that got into her eye or dust, but it did NOT make her happy and we had an exasperating quarter of an hour splashing water and wiping her eye and basically trying to get her to stop touching it. It seems fine now.

While making her lunch, which she finally ate (thank you Tylenol!) she decided to rip up my recipe book from when I was a child. I yelled. Pretty loudly. I was shocked not to see her burst into tears. She must have realized she was at fault. She dutifully handed me the ripped pages and came to give me a hug while I taped them together. I remained silent for five minutes, trying to manage my patience level. It was worn too thin.

I hate yelling. I try to never do it, but sometimes it happens. I always feel bad about it because I know that the message can get across to her without me raising my voice. Besides the fact that I only do it when my patience is thin and that is usually due to being tired. And me being tired is not her fault. The last hour before naptime went smoothly, mostly because she finally had a full tummy, but partly due to me seeing I had gone way past the line and then bringing myself back over it.

I’m hoping yoga will do the trick. And getting to bed early tonight. We have a day with the inlaws tomorrow so a good night’s rest is needed.

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