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Too fictitious fiction

June 30, 2009

There are days that I decide to turn on the television while making lunch in my down time, a.k.a. nap time. The only problem is that over here the daytime television is TERRIBLE. It doesn’t help that we refuse to pay for cable…but, whatever. The point of this rambling is that I watch television off of the internet. A few weeks ago, at the suggestion of a good friend, I tried to find a way to watch WEEDS, but apparently it isn’t possible. Instead I ended up watching a CW show called Gossip Girl.

I have to admit that I sometimes like these shows. It is the writing that I am most interested in, even though it is nothing that I am interested in going after as a career: television writing, that is. But I’m a girl and yes, shows like these are interesting a times…..OKAY! I became addicted! All the pretty people and pretty clothes and the story line was interesting. …At first.

So I started watching the show and although the fashion is fantastic to see, as well as the scenery (I miss New York), the more I watched it the more it became tiring. There are so many characters in the show that it took a few episodes forme to really get to know each of them, but by the end of the first 18 episodes the whole thing just got a bit ridiculous. Talk about daytime television.

Remember Dawson’s Creek? That show I really didn’t like it, but I had friends who did and every time I happened to be at their house on DC night we “just HAD to watch it.” I hated from the beginning because of the character that the blond chick represented. She was supposedly 15 years old and yet had had EVERYTHING happen to her in that short amount of time. Al the sex (with older men of course) and drugs and alcohol, blah, blah, blah. It was too unbelievable that it was ame.

Gossip Girl is much the same. Now, I get that the show needed the characters to be young in order to have the other storyline of the parents. What ultra-rich kids would be living with their parents while going to college? One kid on the show lives alone and he is supposedly 17 years old. Perhaps it is my non-existant knowledge of the extremely wealthy that is getting in the way of me continuing to enjoy this show (Or perhaps it is because I am ten years older than the marketed audience…) but when one of the 17 year olds say, “Drink after school?” I just cringe.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t like us poor kids living in the rural midwest didn’t wrink in high school, but we never would have said, “Want to go get a cocktail and talk?” Drinking was for the weekend parties or something that we did once the parents had gone to bed. Even in college there were few of us that had ids good enough to get us into the bars in Chicago. Well, that and none of us really had the money to go out to bars. But I can see 19 year olds getting into a bar or club with a fake. But a 14 year old? Seriously? In Chicago the bouncers were well trained to keep the children out and half the time they were cops. Everyone I knew that bothered trying to get in had their id taken away at least once, and several walked away with a HUGE fine from a cop. It just wasn’t in the bar’s interest to let us in if they could help it.

Call me prissy, call me whatever you like, but I want my fiction to be eithera take on the real-life or be obviously not. When a show is trying to parallel lthe life that we all live in, there should at least get a timeline correct.

Or, like I said before, maybe I jsut have no idea that the rich have a whole different set of laws to follow…

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