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How absurd are you?

July 6, 2009

Not to make you all think I’m more radical than you already do, but I was thinking the other as I read up on some political blogs: Most people who see themselves as “Pro-Choice” or Pro-Abortion, as I like to call it (call it what it is!) are usually dead set against the death penalty in any case. And I find that weird.

Now, I do realize that the death penalty has a sordid history, especially in the South, but I don’t think it should be gotten rid of. What we should get rid of are the sickos out there who like to rape and kill. Especially those abominable people who do those things to children. Just get rid of them.
Anyone who is sick enough to rape or molest a child is sick and I DO NOT believe is able to be rehabilitated. The only thing that could rehabilitate them is Jesus Christ. PERIOD.

I could go for forced castration as a means around the death penalty, but in some gruesome cases I think only the death penalty works. There are consequences for the things you do. Cause and effect. You hurt a child like that, you get to meet your maker.

I don’t understand people out there who are willing to stand by these horrible people to make sure they have more rights than the victims. Like that judge in Maryland who let the man who had been molesting his step-daughter for years off with probation because he “didn’t believe in the system anymore”.

What? What about that little girl? She thought she was going to be safe now that she told on him and had the authorities take over. And this isn’t the only case. What about lawmakers who make sentences lighter for these bastards if they go through a rehab program? Why should they be let out faster? Why should a kid who gets caught selling marijuana be in jail longer than a child molester? And why should we, society, then have to put up with these people moving into our neighborhoods.

I tell you what, if you are someone who believes these people can be rehabilitated and should be let out in society for “another chance” you move in next door to them. In fact, why not let them babysit your kids? I mean, if you believe they are better and all.

And yet the people who cry against the death penalty, calling it medieval or unjust are more than willing to encourage a woman who is pregnant to kill her baby in cold blood because giving it a chance to live would be inconvinient. How absurd. How absolutely absurd.

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