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The hate-a-thon

July 7, 2009

I wasn’t in the states for the election, but I followed it as closely as I could. I didn’t get all of the Palin blunders first hand, but you can bet your life my father let me know what they were! (Love you, my ultra-lib daddy! :) ) I do have to say though that I am appalled at people’s reaction to her, both in the Republican and Democratic camp. I like to think of my country as a very accepting, respectful country (even though we can have some heated debates) with the media staying out of the lives of the candidates and being pretty darn respectful to their spouses as well.

But what is going on with Palin? Is everyone that scared of a dynamic, spunky, independent woman? And I’m talking to EVERYONE here, both blue and red. I have read some things on blogs the past few days that have shocked me. Like: “maybe now she will get back to her family and be the responsible mother she should be” (and that was from someone who called herself a feminist. Shocking), or “quitting isn’t something we should be surprised at…she attended 5 universities in 5 years (Um, yeah, so did I and I wouldn’t say that quitting is my thing. Just the opposite. I finished my degree after changing my major, *gasp* three times!), that she is in trouble with the FBI (who announced that she wasn’t)…etc.

Why do we see it as okay to pounce on her children and her husband and her “hockey mom” status. Since when were we moms supposed to be ashamed of going to our children’s games and spending Saturday afternoon fishing instead of watching t.v.? And since when does the media try to make moms feel like less of a good woman for trying to do it all? I though that was the whole point of the modern woman, is it not? Or maybe it is that since she has a down syndrome baby that she should now stay home? So any woman with a special needs child is a *bad* mom if she doesn’t stay home? Someone, many, many someones in the news world have some explaining to do.

Palin makes my stepmom gag and yet she still agrees that Letterman was out of line and so is the media on so many things. Are all mothers to be blamed if their child disagrees with them on the subject of abstinence and possibly ends up pregnant? And if a teenagers ends up pregnant, does it give the media the right to make fun of her just because her mom is a govenor? What would happen if this were Angelina Jolie and her daugher? Do you think anyone would dare say the things they did about her and her daughter? I just don’t get it. Did anyone ever say Hillary should go “be a responsible mom”? Are those of us working out of the home irresponsible? I don’t understand the hatred that people feel towards her. We can like or dislike her personality, we can agree or disagree with her politics, but why do people hate her? And why are people trying to get those of us who don’t hate her to hate her?

I believe that on both sides people are afraid of her. On the Republican side the old, fat MEN are afraid of her independence and strong will and popularity among many people in the party. They are quite possibly afraid of her image encouraging other strong women to join. And I wouldn’t just point that finger at the Republicans. I think the dems have the same fear. If she doesn’t end up running for president it will be because she wne out and helped draft another woman who is just as independent and strong and dynamic, who will captivate the party again. Palin can be a very strong tool in revamping the Republican party and I think Dems are afraid of that. And the old Republicans. Because either way, it means all of them are out.

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