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Whose kid is that?

July 14, 2009

I witnessed the longest temper tantrum in history today. It should go in the Guinness Book of World Records. Really.

Sofia and I went for a walk today. She has this game where she points to the spot she is going to run to, counts to three (uh, oo, ee) and then darts off in her cute, no-bent-knees, arms-flailing-behind-her run. There was this child who was playing on some steps and who must have gone up and down a hundred times when the mom decided that it was enough. So she picked the kid up and started walking away. The child’s immediate response was to scream and kick. A little ways up the kid calmed down a bit so the mom let her down to walk. Unfortunately the little girl immediately started to run in the direction of the stairs. Looked like mama wasn’t going back there so she ran after her and grabbed her again. The screaming and kicking became violent at the point, but the mom kept her cool. Props for ignoring the staring people around her.

She tried to stick the rigid girl into the stroller with no luck. She sat down on a bench and held her as best she could to try and calm her down. I think she even started laughing at one point. It was no use. That kid was determined to keep crying. She must have decided to just go home because she dealt with what at point point seemed to be the girl pulling out her mom’s hair and the little body wriggling to be put down (she did put her down once and the little girl rolled down the sidewalk, kicking all the way)for the next nine blocks. Poor woman. Hopefully she was just the nanny, because, seriously, Who’s kid is that naughty?

Oh, wait, that was MY CHILD. MY BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL SCREAMING, KICKING, PULLING OUT HAIR, FOAMING AT THE MOUTH all because she wanted to go up and down the stairs. There was no calming her down. NOTHING. I washed her hands after miraculously making it home in one piece, wiped off her face (still screaming) and put her in bed with elephant. Still screaming. I called Ignacio laughing. What was I supposed to do? Then I went back, took her out, changed her diaper, gave her a bottle and laid her on the floor. The sound of a toy being blown off the table made her finally smile and get out of her mood.

In her defense, while she was eating lunch she turned to me and said, ” Sha ba blool ba do ba dee?” and gave me a kiss. Possibly a toddler’s apology? And while things were going well on the walk she said, “Mo, pee” when she wanted more water and “tane tu” when I gave it to her. Hey, we moms gotta look at the bright side too!

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  1. July 14, 2009 3:34 pm

    My kid did this to me SO many times. Strong-willed children do this. I spent the first three years of my daughter’s life with a constant blush on my face from how HORRIBLE she would behave in public. I never let her “get away” with any of the bad behaviors and not ONE time did I give her what she was screaming for. I couldn’t figure it out. I spent so many nights pacing in unspent rage learning to just “deal” with the iron-willed child from Hades sent to test me. With age-appropriate discipline all the way through, we were still having screaming fits until about her fourth birthday.

    Something magic happened then, and I have no idea what it was. Today, my daughter is almost six. She is polite and far more compliant now. She is still a tester. She is still sneaky. She still tends to cry WAY too much and at a ridiculous volume level when she is upset…but it’s nothing like those first 3 years.

    So take heart. You’ve got an independent thinker and a kid with a strong personal spine. It will serve her well as an adult as long as she is parented consistently.

    I know you’ll do just fine. I’d like to say I laughed at your beautifully comedic retelling of this event, but that would be a lie. Tears came to my eyes because I remember that feeling of shame and frustration…and nothing about that is funny. It’s horrible. In today’s society, moms are judged harshly by everyone around them. The “village” doesn’t help mothers anymore. They just stare at them with scorn or assume they’re not doing their job with the child at home.

    So…I’ve been there. You’re not alone. I lived through it, and so did my wonderful kid. I know you and yours will get to the other side of that “colorful” age, too.

    • wideopenworld permalink*
      July 15, 2009 7:43 am

      Oh, no! I have two and a half years left?!? Oh, well. Yes, I get super frustrated, but am trying hard not to. When she does these things I hang my head a bit lower and try not to look people in the eyes. I know they are judging, but…what can you do? The aunt of a friend of mine used to walk away (when the child was older) then come back and say out loud, “Whose child is this?” hee, hee. If you can’t beat them (figuratively), then join them!

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