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Husbands just can’t by themselves

July 17, 2009

I don’t understand men. I guess I never will. There seems to be this disconnect in being able to go to the park by themselves with their children. Okay, so many I shouldn’t group them all together until I get comments from other women…

Start over…I will never understand my husband…!

Of course he stays with DD alone when he has to. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and leave her with him, although somehow he works things so that many times she is already in bed when I go…. He certainly works his magic so that there is nothing “difficult” to do, like feed her, bathe her or get her ready for anything.

Today I wanted to work on my short story that I would like to have finished in time for a contest at the end of the month. He is usually very supportive of my writing, but today he just sort of grimaced and asked what I had in mind, like, “him take DD to the park while I stay upstairs and write?” The sarcasm was underlying, but there. So I shrugged and said I guess not. Then I suggested that I go to the gym at 7pm. “But why can’t we just go to the park together? I feel like I never see you.”

I hate it when he uses the family guilt trip for hanging out together. It is the weekend after all now. Plus, it can’t hurt for him to spend some alone time with his daughter, can it?

Apparently so. Right now she is running around the living room as he tries to feed her without getting his ass up off the couch. Hmmm. Then he tells me, “She isn’t hungry.” How much do you want to bet that I will be able to get her to eat. And bedtime? Oh, well, “you do that so much better than me.” It is sports hour, after all, and that he does do better than me.

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