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Patience is short

July 23, 2009

Spanish Principe and I have been staying up way too late for the last week. For some reason it is so hard to get to bed in the summertime here. Well, okay, there are many reasons for this. One is that the sun doesn’t set until after 10pm. Two because it is so darn hot here that the idea of lying in your own sweat while trying to succumb to the blissful abandon of sleep isn’t too appealing. Especially since it takes about an one hour to finally see that beautiful darkness and when you do it is usually full of pretty strange dreams. It also doesn’t help that we are both determined to go to the gym four times a week, which usually means one of us getting there after 8:30pm, returning at almost 10pm.

So, we’ve been going to bed at around midnight. It is then, for some reason, that we decide to talk about our day, Queenie, the future, politics and that stupid Health Care bill and why no one in either the Spanish or American Senate can seem to stop listening to the lobbyist and instead do what is actually right for the people. Then it’s good night but it is now almost 1am. Then Queenie wakes up from either hunger or heat at 2am. Yes, we are back to that nightmarish stage of waking up at night. We hear cries and whines again around 6am, which she is usually able to calm by herself, but at times needs a bottle to help her. Then at 7am her hunger is no longer manageable or perhaps it’s the pool of sweat on her pillow making her uncomfortable she so decides to wake up. And by wake up I mean SCREAM at me to get her out of bed.

A blessed 6 hours later of not non-interrupted and we are awake. Principe stays in bed for another half and hour or so in order to not fall asleep on his keyboard at work while I blindly make coffee, turn on cartoons and change a sopping diaper. There are days that I lie on the couch unable to move until I hear the shower running, but I am trying to put those days in the past as I have found myself prying my eyes open at times to find Queenie either trying to pick up the computer, climb the television table or get out cereal and dumping it all on the floor in the process.

Now, I am not the greatest at dealing with too little sleep, but I am better than most. The person who is terrible at dealing with sleep is the 20 month old who demands her cries be met with swaddling and candy at every turn. And if not she demonstrates her tantrum power full force. So for the last week I have been praying for patience in that it is not really her fault that she is so sleepy and is really is my fault that I am. (And by the way, why is it that the sleepier toddlers are the harder it is to get them in bed and to sleep? If she just closed her eyes she would be asleep and no longer feel the agony of being so tired she can barely walk. But it is these days that she fights so hard that I end up leaving her in her crib to cry it out. But why torture mommy on top of everything else?)

Along with everything else I am thinking that I might be pregnant. There have been quite a few days that I’ve had the early signs of nausea, the pain in my uterus I had with Queenie, the quirky enhanced nosed, etc. I have not taken a test yet because my cycle is supposed to come around in about a week and I would rather wait to see if I skip it rather than spending money, seeing and negative and then getting my period. I would feel like a complete doof and what with being so tired I couldn’t take that

Right now I am sitting at the computer on the bed with Sofia watching Baby Einstein on the mini DVD player in the hopes that she will soon fall asleep or ask to be placed in bed. But apparently she could care less about my plans or maybe nobody told her because now she is standing up in order to throw herself into the pillows. And before I get cranky about how close her toes to coming to bashing the keyboard of our computer that barely works I am going to get up.

Mommy needs a nap, but people are coming over. People as in friends that I have to be awake for and I still have to prepare lunch for. Tonight we go to bed early! I swear!

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