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..the hairs of my chinny chin chin

July 28, 2009

First of all, I’m not even sure that is how chinny chin chin should be typed. Perhaps I need to buy the book.

But seriously now I need to know: Does anyone else have bristly hairs on their chins that mysteriously pop out about once a month in order to make sure that you, as a mom-wife-professional etc, are reminded that you must work at being beautiful these days? And I say pop purposely instead of grow because if they grew I would know in time to pull them out without noticing them in public place like the bus without tweezers or a mirror, not that I would pluck them out in public. I try not to let my husband see me pluck them since he spends days them teasing me about my beard. But every time I am faced with myself in the mirror, my gold (yeah, real gold. I’m rich like that. ha, ha) tweezers trying desperately to take out the man-hair I am reminded of the scene in My Big, Fat Greek Wedding when the mom is trying to talk to her daughter about wedding nights while the mom’s sister is plucking out “a big one” from her chin. What a great scene!

And my beard consists of only three hairs, but three very thick, bristly hairs. I guess I should count my blessings in that two of them are see-through blond and unnoticeable except by touch. But one of them is the blackest of black. And with a ghostly pale complexion as I have, I can tell you that that one is noticeable by sight.

As soon as I feel them they get plucked. Actually we were traveling to the US once when I felt the black one (Yes, I know their geography on my chin) and ended up (after several hours) plucking it out with my own fingers. It was that long.

It isn’t that I don’t look in the mirror these days, because I do. I mean, I’m busy, but I learn from my mistakes and since one of those was leaving the house without looking in the mirror when Queenie was days old only to see myself later with raccoon eyes (from not removing my old make up) and my hair uncombed, I now look in the mirror. And seriously, this hair doesn’t grow. I never see it poking through the pore. I only see it when it is a black streak under my chin that once made my BIL point out that I had something there.

So tell me, am I the only one with weird semi-man hormones? Please tell me I’m not!

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