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Inappropriate wedding behavior?

July 30, 2009

Have you seen this great wedding party? It is so great! So much better than the solemn ceremony that we have gotten used to. Look at them! They are celebrating! Something that we should be doing on our wedding day. It is the start to a wonderful, beautiful and hard life together. Marriage isn’t easy so we might as well have a great, humorous, dancing attitude about it.

I have heard people actually speak out against this kind of behavior for a wedding. Can you believe it? One pastor said that it was inappropriate of them to do it in a church, that if they wanted to dance like that they should have celebrated their wedding elsewhere.

Okay, what? As an avid, protestant church goer with a wonderful pastor (in Wisconsin) (Here we go to Mass, totally different….maybe it was a priest that said that….) Whatever happened to seeing our wedding day as the greatest day of our lives? Or the first of the greatest days of our lives? Why is dancing inappropriate? I just don’t get it. I seriously think that some people just can’t stand to see others happy. I’m not really talking about the pastor any more. I have known many pastors that just don’t believe in dancing in the way of grooving, which is what they are doing here! I’m now talking to all the other people that had something bad to say: (as my mother would say) “lighten up!”

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