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Just found out

August 1, 2009
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Wow. So it is true that if you “really want something and your heart is pure miracles can happen” (to quote Joey from Friends). I just found out that I’m pregnant! Yea! I am so excited. First because it confirms that I’m not crazy, I just am intune with my body. I kept feeling strange things, like my uterus literally flipping. Obviously it isn’t the baby yet as the baby would be about three weeks along at the moment, even though with the contrived way that we calculate pregnancies I am exactly five weeks along.

So, the Prince is freaking out right now and half joking, half serious that I conned him into this. He is laying on the couch with a blank stare trying to figure out what to do. Every once and awhile he reiterates that this news makes it harder for him to change jobs and I once again tell him that he’s crazy. Why in the world would we allow this news to make it so that he doesn’t find a better job? Until he finds one we have job security, so that is no problem, but he isn’t happy where he is and that is why he is trying to change. But he is not only trying to change, he is looking for a better job. One that he not only loves but one that pays more and gives him the ability to move up faster than he is at the moment. Most likely this change of job will require a change of address and that is what seems to be worrying him the most. He doesn’t want to change doctors and hospitals to another country (it would be another country) in the middle of the pregnancy. I told him that the head hunter said that this whole process would take “at least six months” which means that most likely the baby will here already before we actually have to move. Because we all know that people give the lowest waiting time they can without looking like a liar at the end of the road. So the next nine months will probably not bring an address change. And even if it did, well, what of it? I am the one that would have to be spoken to in a language I don’t understand, but I’m okay with that. Why? Because I believe God has a plan in all of this and I want my husband to be happy.

Well, I’m excited, although this does mean that I have to stop drinking beer and wine, which so isn’t cool. I hate that part the most about a pregnancy. Why in the world would God have made it so that the baby gets the alcohol too? Why couldn’t he have by-passed that? Men really are lucky in a sense: they get their big bellies from the beer. Wait, that doesn’t make much sense….
A baby is coming! Yea!

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