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Digging up the piercing topic

August 3, 2009

The same evening that we found out we were pregnant my husband cornered me in the kitchen and asked me (for the umteenth time), “Now that you are pregnant again, will you take out the tongue ring?”

The tongue ring has been an issue for a little while now. I had the piercing two years before even meeting my very conservative husband who hates tattoos (even though he makes up good excuses for liking my two tattoos saying that 1. they are small and 2. they are original. Hmmm) and piercings and seriously he is just lucky that I respect his opinion enough not to get more.

But taking out my tongue ring? He tells me that it was intriguing and cool while we were dating in our early 20’s but now that I’m a mom he has changed his mind. It was after our two weddings (one in each country) that he turned up the heat on getting rid of it I stood firm and he finally gave up. But the topic arose from the grave again during the first three months after Queenie was born. This time he was more persistent about getting rid of it which caused more stress to the already stressful situation of having a new baby. After a few heated debates Principe finally put an end to it.

But I guess you are wondering why I didn’t just take it out if I couldn’t stand the heat? Well, I don’t want to take it out. And I continually tell him that he married me exactly how I am so he should stop trying to change it. I have stopped dying my hair unnatural colors by my own decision as I do believe I am getting up in years to be doing that and I am no longer living in smoky cafes and underground concert halls. But I like my piercings (tongue and belly) and have no desire to take them out. They give me no problems and I am just not ready to get ride of them.

Should I tell you that I’m only 27? Does that make a difference? It isn’t like I’m 40. But Principe doesn’t take into account my age, he only takes into account my marital and mom status which he says no longer allows for piercings. Being the gracious hubby that he is, he claims that he will leave the belly piercing alone if I will just get rid of the tongue ring.

His next question (every time) after I tell him I’m not taking it out is: “When will you take it out?”

And I tell him, “When I’m ready.”

And right now I’m just not ready. Am I being too stubborn?

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  1. August 7, 2009 8:52 pm

    A 27 year old mom with tongue ring? Perfectly acceptable if you ask me. A 47 year old…that would be a different story.

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