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I am so ticked

August 6, 2009

I try to keep my political rantings to my blog Red Writer, but I am so angry at these Congressmen that are trying to lie about the Health Reform Bill protesters. Instead of listening to the people that they are supposed to represent they are claiming that these people have been organized by the Republican Party and that it is “fake anger”.
This makes me so angry because us moms are probably in the doctor’s office more than anyone except those with chronic conditions. The last thing we need is more bureaucracy and a board of non-doctors who we can’t see to decide if we and our kids are worth spending money on. Do not misunderstand: I agree we should get something together for the 4 million who are the working poor who cannot afford health care. (If you still think that there are 46 million without health care, you need to check your facts here.) But I do not agree on this bill. It is crap. Absolute crap. And you can report me to the White House for saying that if you want. I’d be proud to be on their little black list.

We need a bipartisan reform. We do not need a bill to pass that has become a power struggle to see which party wins or loses. And that is what this has become. Dems think that if this bill doesn’t pass that the Reps will claim victory. Well, victory over the voice of the people sure. What Congress shouldn’t be concerned about is what the guy next to them thinks in DC. They should be listening to US. But apparently they can’t take the heat. Because so many people are against this bill and voicing their right to use the 2nd Amendment, the Dems are suddenly crying fowl. Press Secretary Gibbs actually LAUGHED at the people who are showing up to town hall meetings to voice legitimate concerns about what is in this bill. BTW, did you know that this bill will most likely start paying for abortions with tax money. They claim that isn’t so, but there is NO WORDING that secures that.

But let me give you a little story that voices my main concern. My nephew was born in 2005 with an extremely rare genetic disease in which the brain shrinks and is replaced with fluid. Motor skills are okay at first, but start to decline as the brain shrinks. Babies born with Menke’s Disease are prone to infection, have trouble eating, suffer from continual seizures, don’t sleep well and usually die before their first birthday. Thanks to the doctors and nurses at the UW hospital in Madison, WI, Little Jakey survived until three months after his 2nd birthday. But the real reason that he died, even though he probably would have gone to heaven soon anyway? The ethics board of the hospital decided that he was no longer “life worthy” and that it was “cruel to keep him alive”. Now, up until then they worked hard for him. It was new doctors and a new ethics board head that decided this.

Here is my point: With an overhaul of the United States Health Care that is focused on “healthy living” and “cost cutting” what is going to happen to those of us who are born with or get illnesses that are not necessarily our fault? Many people who live right get cancer. Many pregnant women who do things right get diabetes. Many people are born with diabetes. What about Cystic Fibrosis? Down Syndrome? Spina-bifida? Etc? My biggest concern is how this bill is going to treat the sick. Not the healthy.

We all deserve the best care. The United States has the best care, the best doctors, the best equipment. What we need is the government coming up with a plan for those who can’t afford insurance and don’t qualify for government programs. Some people need help with prescription costs. Okay. We need insurance companies to be able to cross borders. We need stupid lawsuits not to get to court. But we need our doctors, nurses, equipment and research. Because those are the best in the world. I could give you a look into a public hospital in Spain: no television, little sunshine, little technology, no beds for “guests” (not even in the neonatal or maternity wards), no gift shops, no bank near by, no coffee shop, not easy to get to, you can’t choose which one you want to go to, no soap in the dipensers, no amenities period.

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  1. GP View permalink
    August 6, 2009 10:22 pm

    No you don’t have the best healthcare in the USA. You do have the most expensive healthcare system in the world, but this is not the same as the best. Read the WHO report and find where the USA is ranked. And why not learn from other countries – try Denmark, France, Australia, Canada or the UK?

    • wideopenworld permalink*
      August 8, 2009 6:24 am

      If you look at the break down of the WHO we actually do have the best. We ranked the highest in care, service, technology, research, education, etc. What we ranks the lowest on was not having it all public. That ranking right there shows an agenda that the WHO has with being biased to different systems other than public. And whether you pay for it through your taxes or deciding for yourself, health care is expensive. The UK system has been losing money for years and is at the breaking point now.

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