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Dilemma of 7 weeks pregnant

August 17, 2009

Hormones are a bitch sometimes. I am in the dumps without many more reason other than the hormones. Well, there are reasons, but they shouldn’t be affecting me this much.

One is that we just got back from an 8 day vacation with the inlaws and are about to return to be with them in two days. We had to stop at home so I could get some work done and Queenie could have a break from the intense nervousness that pours constantly from their systems. At this point in time I would rather eat my own hand than go back. But, that is mean to say and I shouldn’t say it about my inlaws since they are Principe’s parents and Queenie’s grandparents and they love me, as much as we don’t understand each other.

The second is that my mother is being a stubborn hag to her husband who is bending over backwards to make up for the last year in which he wasn’t perfect. In fact her was down right NOT AVAILABLE. But he recognized his ways and is doing everything she tells him to do and yet she still hangs up on him, tells him she doesn’t want to see him, shuts him out, gives him more chores to do to win her respect, etc. But that is a whole other post.

Right now I am just down in the dumps, which is for sure the hormones and the fact that I’m exhausted. The heat might be to blame as well. I also have a dilemma as the days go by: what to wear. Being that it is my second pregnancy my stomach bloated out about two inches already. There is has stayed for the last two weeks and there I hope it continues for at least another five. But I wonder if that is realistic. Most of my pants, thankfully, are all mostly low rise, so they pretty much fit underneath my stomach, but those that don’t have that strange twist to them from not fitting correctly. The sales are going on right now, which is a big thing here in Spain. If you think maternity clothes are expensive in the States, you have to double any price there and think “no sales” (except in August and January). Of course January is a little far away to wait to buy clothes but Principe has all of our finances done until the end of the year on a spreadsheet and it doesn’t include spending $100 right now on maternity clothes. He is especially unwilling because at the moment I don’t need them.

Here are the part that bites the most: a few weeks before I found out I was pregnant I lent all of my clothes to a friend who I won’t probably see for another month or so. AND my sister-in-law got pregnant after me so she used my clothes and the clothes of a friend of hers and has nothing to lend me. I feel strange asking for my clothes back from this friend as she isn’t that close to me, it is really the husbands that are close. I have a feeling that when they find out we are expecting that she will give back pretty much everything so I will have some stuff. But once I get my clothes I still have a problem: they are all summer clothes and this pregnancy is during the winter. It doesn’t get as cold as Wisconsin here, but it still gets cold enough for hats, gloves and a winter coat. Even with hormones raging I am going to need a few sweaters.

Just when we had everything looking great on finances with all the loans due to be paid back by January, we are going to have to spend a couple hundred on clothes.

I told you, it’s all hormones. Because when I reread my whining I think: so?

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