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Bad eating habits

September 2, 2009

Anyone else have a child who is a picky eater? It sucks, doesn’t it? I absolutely hate it, especially now when she can’t tell me why she is picky, why she spits certain things out or what it is that she really likes or wants to eat. When she is a little sick she refuses to eat, which I am sure is normal for almost all kids. But even when there appears to be no ailment preventing her from eating (appears because she still can’t tell if there is in words) she sometimes just doesn’t eat.

Today for breakfast she ate:

2 bites of my cereal, 2 bites of a doughnut, a small bowl of mashed potatoes, and at eleven she ate a hot dog (lunch is Spain is eaten at around 2pm, so the hot dog was a snack) But about the hot dog…she spit out two bites for no good reason.

Point of frustration 2: is the fact that after being with her abuela for two weeks (who follows her around, stuffing food in her mouth as Queenie plays) Queenie no longer seems to know how to use her own fork and spoon. AGH! She used to be a champ and at as young an age as 12 she would feed herself pudding, yogurt, baby food, etc. Now she is this spoiled little toddler who sits and waits for me or daddy or abuela to feed her. It ticks me off.

Point of frustration 3: is that she can’t seem to focus on eating. If she is hungry she will eat well for a few bites, but once her tummy is no longer rumbling she will start to look around her for toys or other distractions to entertain her instead of eating. And no, eating with her doesn’t help. We sit down (well, I sit with her, daddy is only there at dinner) with her everyday and either eat or pretend to eat while she is eating (sometimes the timing is off so we pretend to eat). But it doens’t matter. She can’t focus. She usually needs something else to keep her occupied while eating because food just isn’t that important. Like last night, she was eating well (and even feeding herself!) when suddenly she just stopped and wanted down to play. I gave her come blocks which got her to eat a few more bites and then dinner was over. But what is worse is that at bedtime she drank a full HUGE bottle with cereal in it because she was humgry and hadn’t eaten enough at dinner. AGH! Everyone says we should send her to daycare so she can learn to eat. Blah, Blah, Blah! In the end she is healthy and plump, though not as plump as most kids her age as she is 21 months and can still wear her 12 month pants! Skinny minny, I call her.

Oh, well. What can we do but wait until she is of the age to understand bribery, right???!

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