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Thanks to the comics

September 4, 2009

I have my favorite blogs and then I have my favorite blogs that make me laugh until my stomach hurts, I’m snorting coffee out my nose and can no longer why I was so crabby in the first place (probably merely because I saw it was only 8:00am. Pregnancy hormones.) When I take the time to check these blogs (they are comical writers, but not bloggers who post everyday, so instead of being sadly greeted with nothing new to read, I limit my entrances….maybe that is cruel…anyway) I am usually blown away not only by their ability to write, but their ability to constantly be funny without trying. They are just naturally funny. Funny, hilarious, funny. My naughty funny site is The Notorious BHJ who is one of my few exceptions to the swearing rule that my grandfather pounded into me from the time I was able to sit long enough to listen:

a few swear words is okay, even makes the writing better maybe, but when every page is littered with swear words on every line, it means that the writer is no good, has no vocabulary and no imagination.

And it is usually true. There are many bloggers out there who swear, I am convinced, just to look cool and end up looking uneducated and trashy even when their degrees tell otherwise. But BHJ is just so funny in his own right that I let the four letter words slide for him. I love him and I love his wife for allowing him to write as he does. If I were her I probably would have thrown out the computer all together, but thankfully I am not her. She is a trooper and I thank her for not being prude!

The other site is My Left Hook. I love Tricia’s honesty and way of looking at life through the eyes of a now homemaker, once award winning journalist. Her observations of her children, husband and herself remind me constantly that not only am I not the only one going through some of the astrocities of toddler hood, but that it is okay to laugh about it every once and awhile. Her honest confessions of being selfish and expecting, at times, more of her husband than is natural, remind me so much of myself that I had to finally admit that I was probably naturally selfish myself. Ouch. Ah, well. The great thing about Tricia is that she can be selfish and funny. Koodos.

I think that just a bit more than I am in awe of these writers, I am jealous. Just a wee bit jealous. Because, see, I used to be funny. Used to, being the optimal phrase. Really. Believe me. I used to have my friends howling on the floor. Just the other day my husband lamented to me about how my humor seems to have been barfed out with the last pregnancy’s morning sickness and never made it’s way back. His timeline is about right, too. Ever since becoming a mom I have lost all humor. Not sense of, you see, just my very own in which to make others laugh. I still laugh. Just not at what I say…..hmmmm, we could debate that. But that times that I do laugh at myself it isn’t necessarily for something actually humorous, but instead something clumsy or stupid that I just said or did.

I remember the days in college when I was funny. When I used to make my husband, then boyfriend, laugh and laugh. Maybe the maria had something to do with that, but still, he was thought I was funny. Perhaps it is because in Spanish I can’t find my nitch of humor. Perhaps it is because my husband’s friends all have their special humor between themselves that is nothing like mine. I am convinced, in all cases, that my friends her would be surprised to hear I was once funny. And it’s a shame.

In the end being funny, naturally funny, is a gift. A gift I seemed to have crapped out somewhere along the line of being pregnant and being a mommy. Too bad. Wish there was a way to get that back.

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