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A day without creativity

September 30, 2009

I need creativity as many days as possible a week. In fact, when we move (because we ARE moving…:) ) I told my husband that I will be taking the smallest room and making it into the crafts room. It will be a place where I can leave out my sewing machine (which at the moment is in it’s box, stored in my closet), as well as my scrapbooking stuff (again, stored away in boxes in the closet) as well as any other glue-sticker-marker type items. A glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. The kids will be able to come in a make crafts along with me. I will be able to leave out all the paper and stuff in order to be able to come and go and work on stuff during the 5 minutes I have each day to be crafty/creative.

I have been hankering to do some scrapbooking for weeks, but hauling out all of the stuff just for a few hours a day while putting up with Principe’s whining about “the mess” during the soccer half-time. I also need to finish some sewing that has been in my closet since April, but, again, hauling it all out just for a few minutes just isn’t worth it. This house is tiny, which sucks. If anyone else lives in a tiny two-bedroom house with one small bathroom and a living/dining room, then you know what I’m talking about. Now, the house is bigger than our last one, which we lived in until Queenie was 6 months old, but still, it is getting smaller by the day. There just isn’t enough room for stuff, and we don’t even have that much stuff, not compared to many people. Queenie doesn’t have that many toys (don’t feel too bad for her, she has more than she can play with) compared to her cousins who both live in bigger places. But we are modern people and definitely have more things that our parents did at our age and about a million more things than our grandparents. Like, the 200 DVDs that we have in our bookcase. And we’ve only seen about 20 of them. Or the hundreds of books, both infant and adult (not porn, we aren’t those parents) which I am all for having, but we just have then placed hap-hazardly every which way and it’s annoying. I would like them somehow organized. The bookshelf, you ask? Principe thinks that the DVDs showing are more important. Nevermind we haven’t seen even a quarter of them, he wants people to be wowed when they see how many we have. Errrrrr.

There just isn’t enough room for things. Our computer doesn’t even have it’s own spot. It just travels from the coffee table to the dining table and back. Queenie’s highchair is in the middle of the living/dining room since we just used it. It’s normal resting place is next to the window between the wall and the plant table. Weird place, I know, but it fits there and is out of the way. See, taking out scrapbooking stuff means leaving it out for a few days at a time while trying to persuade Queenie that there is nothing of interest up there and Principe that he will like the end result if he can just put up with the mess for a little bit. But days pass and I don’t get it out for one reason or another. If people are planning to come over to our house I don’t bother. Principe wouldn’t stand having it out with other people over. The last few days my BIL hase been over practicing English with me, so, of course, scrapbooking is out of the question. Anything out of the ordinary is out of the question when someone else is sleeping on the couch.

I can’t wait to move, even though I hate the whole process. I hate packing, I hate trying to decide what to keep out and what not to, what to throw away, what to sell, what to take. First we have to get an official offer from Principe’s job and then we have to see if he wants it. But it will happen. It has to happen. It has to for the good of my creativity and, ultimately, sanity.

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