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Change Is Brewing

October 6, 2009

Yesterday Principe was offered a job in Toulouse, France. It is a job that he went to an interview for last Monday and is something he is really interested in. Now, today he was offered another interview for another job! For months we have been at a standstill on his career and all of a sudden now things are pouring in! Of course, we have been praying for months too and I am convinced that it simply means that these are the jobs God had in mind for him. But there is nothing better than the realization that the world (or our world in which we live :)) is taking notice of my very smart Principe. It isn’t just me as his wife bragging about him, the guy is a whiz with numbers and understanding complicated formulas. He is no Nash, but seriously, the guy is INTELLEGENT!

So, back to the topic at hand: Toulouse. France. I’m going to have to start studying my college french again, although I hear that the Toulouse french are not as snotty as the Parisians. When I was there I got some really dirty looks on my poor pronunciation of their beloved language. I’m hoping it’s true that they are more laid back because I would love to take the opportunity to practice the language.

But apart from my poor french pronunciation, there are other matters to consider. Although I am super excited to be moving, especially to a smaller, less expensive city, we would be moving in February, which means I would be 8 months pregnant when we move. Super. Changing docs and all that is such a pain, but honestly, but other than the language barrier and trying to find a place that actually listens to the patient and is okay with birth plans, the change is eminant anyway. Here in Spain, in the public system, there is no guarantee that your doctor will be the one delivering your baby. In fact, you probably won’t see one face you recognize (besides your husband’s) once in the hospital. Although we actually live in a district that assigns us to the only hospital in the city that has a reputation for listening to the woman in labor and encouraging her in her birth plan, there are things about Toulouse that really excited me. I found a webpage called Americans in Toulouse and it has some great information, from English speaking doctors and midwives to the best clinics to give birth in. There is even a clinic listed that has water-bath births! I am excited to see if we can give birth there!

Of course Principe’s parents are a bit upset (his mama, really) that we might be leaving, but this will be a good thing for us. It will give us a chance to save money, to come together as a family, to experience another country and is a huge boost for Principe’s career, which, let’s face it, is sort of important!

So in a word I’m EXCITED at the prospect of leaving Madrid, even if the french and their sacred language intimidate me. At least I know there are other American’s there who butchered the language before me!

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