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Blood and Vomit

October 14, 2009

Not blood and vomit together, thank God. That would be scary. Nope, just a train wreck of a three day weekend for Queenie. Poor thing kept getting decked left and right. If it wasn’t one thing it was another.

It all started on Sunday. Well, maybe Saturday since she didn’t eat anything that day, not even french fries, then slept for four hours, was awake for two, then went back to bed. We should have known something was going on….but she does this no eating thing so frequently that we just shrugged and moved on.

Then Sunday came. We spent the morning getting ourselves ready to go away for the night to a small town right next to a National Park Lagoon. We had booked the hotel, which was stunning and quaint and just beautiful, a few nights before as an anniversary present to ourselves (Yes. Thank you. Three year anniversary for our Spanish wedding. I’ll explain the whole wedding thing one day…..) We went with Queenie, which you are probably rolling your eyes at and wondering what the heck my problem is that I can’t seem to leave my child alone for even one night. Well, yes, I do have a bit of a problem with that, but I did think about suggesting we leave her with her grandparents but my reasoning behind never suggesting anything was that Principe has literally been working 12 hours day and will continue to do so until Christmas. His contact with Queenie is limited to the morning hours and rushing home to kiss her good night (which sometimes he doesn’t make it in time for) and it is taking a bit of a toll on their relationship. She has become much more dependent on me since he started these long days, even on the weekends. They need time together, I am convinced. And since Monday was a holiday here, it seemed silly to me to not have them together. So all three of us went.

But right before we got into the car Queenie fell. With a belt in her hand. (I know, I know. Bad parents…) When Principe picked her up blood was gushing from her mouth where the belt buckle had knocked in her lip and gums. Blood was everywhere. On her shirt, pants, hair, on Principe’s shirt, hands, face, etc. She wouldn’t let us hold ice to it and of course we were out of popsicle and within minutes her top lip ballooned up to twice its size. Principe took the opportunity to call her “pato” (duck) and she definitely got to watch Baby Einstein while in the car. But she was so sleepy that when I took the initiative to turn off the video player 15 minutes into the trip she immediately went to sleep. Again, we thought nothing of it. It was almost 12pm.

The day went well. The hotel was beautiful and we decided to have pizza before going to the park. Queenie refused to eat anything. That morning she had eaten some plain pasta, so her not eating anything frustrated me. I could just see her getting hungry once we were 2 kilometers into the trails. So we saved a piece of pizza. And although that slice of pizza made its way through the entire park, it eventually got thrown away. Even Principe wouldn’t eat it after it had sat in the stroller in 75 degree heat. Las Tablas National Park

Las Tablas was beautiful, even if it was almost dried up. Apparently only 5 acres of the 45 that makes of the park has water on it. The underground reserves are practically dry to the point that in some parts it is burning underground. They were going to take away its status as a National Park, but I hope they don’t. The only way this park will get help is if it keeps the status. (This is a picture I took. It is famous for it’s wooden bridges linking the islands within the lagoons)


On the drive back home Queenie started to cry, which we took to be the cry of hunger. She started to sweat so we turned on the air, but it didn’t seem to help. Just as we stopped in front of a convinience store to buy diapers I noticed her gagging. I didn’t get out in time to save her shirt, but I did get her out of the car seat in time to save the car and the seat and her stuffed Elephant. Once in the open air, with her face wiped down, she seemed better. Case of carsickness, it seemed, so we bought her a popsicle, which she enjoyed shirtless, but with a bib on. (She hates stains, even on her naked belly.)

Back at the hotel we hung out for a little bit before deciding to eat dinner. Queenie ate nothing. She ran around for a bit on the balcony with some other children, then came to me to be held. Wouldn’t go to her father. Errr. We used up our “vacation” points to the max, enjoying the calm night on the balcony, until Queenie basically asked to go “nigh-nigh”. Oops.

It was 9:15pm and we were elated. Even if she woke up at her usual time of 7am, we would be getting more than 9 hours of sleep! Whoo-hoo!


10pm we hear her gagging. 10:03pm we rush her to the bathroom as she vomits. Hmmm. That was strange. Must have had a tummy ache. Weird. Convinced she had nothing left in her stomach to vomit out, and encouraged by her falling immediately back to sleep, we go back to bed. Not that we slept very well.

12pm. She gags again. I pick her up. She gags again. I run her to the bathroom and this time we managed to only get a little bit of vomit on ourselves. Okay. Time to go to the ER.

They give her a shot to stop the vomitting so she can sleep. She still woke up three times (stomach aches, I’m sure) so needlesstosay, no one slept very much.

The next morning she drank a little bit of milk and ate nothing. We played on the playground for a bit and she had a full diaper of the stinkiest, most disgusting poo I have ever seen come from a child. The virus had definitly found another way out. We decided to go home and rest. Also, beat the traffic. So, two and a half hours later we are literally half a mile from our apartment when she starts to gag. We pull over just in time.

The afternoon goes pretty well. She is a bit lathargic, but that is understandable. But then the night comes and it is the same thing. Just without the shot. More vomitting. To the point where she can’t even keep a small amount of water down. The morning is the same so we go to the doctor’s to make sure she isn’t dehydrated. She isn’t, but we have to watch her. Slowly, she gets better throughout the day and today she is perfectly fine, albeit a bit whiny.

So no playgroup in two days and I am about ready to fall over from lack of sleep. Last night went off without a hitch, but she decided to wake up at 6 am with hunger pains (and then decided NOT to eat. Errrr.) She is asleep now and I should be too, since I promised Principe I would take a nap. But this was my frist experience of being a mommy with a sick child and I had to write it all out. If not for anything else but to conclude with: I don’t like it. I mean, the snuggling is nice, but when it comes with the catch of seeing your little one so sick she can barely lift her head off your shoulder, I’ll go back to begging for kisses and hugs any day. Really.

And now, my throat hurts. Interesting. It is as if the virus mutated into strep for me since that is apparently all I get these days. Okay, okay, I don’t know if it is strep or just a cold. My nose is also a leaky faucet. And I better hope it is all just nothing because the weekend is another 2 1/2 long single, parent days away.

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  1. October 15, 2009 4:36 pm

    That’s rough! Sorry for the sickness. It sounds a little like rotavirus- My daughter had that once and for eleven days, she vomited only at night.

    Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

    • wideopenworld permalink*
      October 21, 2009 5:21 pm

      Thank you. Thankfully it didn’t come to hospitalizing her. After her 4 hour nap she started drinking water slowly without vomiting and soon was doing okay. Of course, she hardly ate for another 5 days and still isn’t sleeping through the night again, but at least she isn’t vomiting!

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