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Oh, my aching head

October 28, 2009

I hate headaches. I get them often, too often, and I hate them. They get in the way of doing ANYTHING, really. They make you cranky and tired and unable to move or look at light and when you are a mom of a toddler that all equals=suck it up and make dinner.

Thankfully, if I get it pretty much in the beginning Tylenol brings it down to a manageable hum. I know most people out there claim that tylenol does nothing for them. I used to be one of them. But it does. Perhaps it doesn’t take it all away, but like I said, it makes it manageable. And when youa re pregnant there isn’t much else you can take so it’s either that or nothing. And believe me, today “nothing” was not an option. Thankfully it didn’t get to a shaking-under-my-covers- from-the-pain migraine because that would not have been fun. But it did get to the point where I had to speak in low tones, turn on low lights, press my hand to my forehead in desperation and still try to get some dinner down for Queenie, get her a bath (explosive diaper today through the onesie made not having a bath not an option. It was great too, because I was on the bus when I noticed the big, dark, wet spot on the back of her shirt. Sweet. Made the bus smell pretty great.) and get her into bed. Of course she didn’t take a nap, otherwise I would have tried to sleep off the headache earlier in the day. But, no. Not Queenie. Not today. She had one of those fruit squeezie things that claims to be all fruit and absolutely no added sugar or other stuff, but it sure did give her some energy. maybe natural sugar gives more energy. The silly energy of a toddler, I’m saying. The kind that makes them spin around until they are so dizzy you think they are about to black out, run up and down the hallway, laugh at any silly face you make at them and take out more toys than they can possibly play with at one time. At the same time I have to admit that she was really good today. We went to the store without a stroller and she was very obedient and compliant. She picked up all of her bath toys without being asked and went to bed without needing to read a million and one books. Maybe the come down from natural sugar is gentler…?

Things are humming around. We move to Toulouse February 1, 2010. Yea! Just two months before Baby X is born. WE have an ultrasound on the 17th of November. The BIG one. The one where we will hopefully get to see if Baby X will be wearing blue or pink, which will allow us to start thinking about names. Then my mother comes for a visit. Then Principe goes to the States for two weeks for work coming home just in time for Christmas (23rd of December…!). Christmas is always two weeks of craziness and then it will be back to Madrid to pack and finalize the move. The next three months are going to be insane. In between all of that we will continue to go to playgroup 3 times a week and perhaps see if I can get some writing done in the meantime. I have already pushed scrapbooking aside until France as I dream about the 4 bedroom apartment we will be allowed to rent. A whole room just for scrapbooking, writing and crafts. It going to be sweet.

Yesterday I was thinking that the move is a bit bittersweet, although I am super excited and have been since this was just a possibility. But it is a bit bittersweet in that I am finally making friends here in Madrid at the playgroups and now I’m leaving. Two of these friends won’t be here when I get back. One leaves in December already and the other will leave in July. We are having a great time though hanging out together. Honestly they are becoming better friends between the two of them since they both live downtown and can therefore spend a bit more time together, but I am in no way feeling left out of the group. We went to lunch today with another woman who is from California and very nice as well. We have a lot in common so I think that friendship might blossom as well. Then there is another woman who only shows up to Tuesday and Thursday and we also talk quite a lot, but there is a bit more distance between us as she never wants to hang out oustide of playgroup. Not a big deal, but it obviously cuts into getting to know each other better. It is probably because she works at night, so I definitely don’t blame her for wanting the afternoon hours to herself.

Anyway, I’m having a blast going to playgroup. Even if Queenie said she didn’t want to go anymore I would still make her for my sake! Thankfully she loves it.

Tonight is going to be a great night. After spending all day nursing my head and trying to get things done, I get to now clean up the kitchen and review the last ten pages of a translation in order to send it before midnight. Of course I’ve been sitting on these last ten pages for ages and left them for the last moment. I never learn, I know. Must be the love of stress and pressure that makes me do it again and again! Of course the 800Euro from all this stress and pressure will relieve quite a bit of any headache that may return, don’t you think?

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  1. October 29, 2009 1:18 pm

    I get terrible headaches as well and usually medications don’t help at all. However, I tried acupuncture for the first time two days ago and it helped amazingly with my headaches. It not only got rid of the headache I had when I arrived, it kept me from having a headache yesterday (the first day of my period, which is sure to bring with it an 18 hour headache that will not depart, no matter what I do). I highly recommend trying it and it would be one of the few things you CAN try while pregnant.

    Hope the translation went well and was completed without too much pain…

    • wideopenworld permalink*
      October 30, 2009 10:39 am

      That is an interesting idea. The biggest problem will be to get Principe on board! He is one who believes more in traditional medicine than the non-traditional…!

      • October 30, 2009 1:28 pm

        My hubby is also more traditional – but he’s seen my headaches get worse with the birth of each daughter, so I think at this point he’s willing to try anything that will help me feel better… maybe you won’t have to let it get so bad before it gets better!

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