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Pregnancy Bake

October 30, 2009

I have this problem. It’s pretty big. Or rather, it’s bound to make me big. And it’s turning into a business idea, although the dream can’t become reality for a few more years at least. No, I’m not becoming the real life Nancy from Weeds. I’m just addicted to baking, not being baked, although I do have some good memories of early college……


I had this problem while pregnant with Queenie, too. All I wanted to do was bake. And eat the baked goods. Now, I have to say that I give most of the baked goods away (mostly to Principe’s co-workers and playgroup) but I do eat my fair share. That is why one of my missions has been to turn my recipes into healthier versions of them, so that I don’t get too fat enjoying the bounties of my oven! I found a great blog that helps me do just that: Eat me delicious. I am about to try making her chocolate yogurt muffins to take this weekend to the in-laws. And I can smile when they complain about me making them and Principe fat. Yes, I will smile that wicked smile that says: I know more than you know, while keeping my mouth full of chocolatly muffin goodness. Sounds like an unbeatable weekend to me!

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