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Naps and breathing

November 6, 2009

I’m short on patience these days. I’m short on breath these days. I’m short on dinner ideas and sleep and eating fruit and exercise and phone calls to friends long enough to get all the new news out. I’m short on a lot of things.

See? As I said in the last post, discipling went out the window today, after three days of diligently getting a translation done only to be told this morning that they don’t want it yet because they will be sending me a rewrite on Monday. Hmmm. No complaining, I just want the paycheck!

Things I’m not short on? Hormones. That might have to do with the patience shortness. I’m also not short on the consumption of gummy bears. Yes, I know they are made with petroleum. Yum, Yum. I’m also not short on sarcasm or snarkiness or snide remarks in my head. I’m pretty sure television is at fault for this. I have been watching episodes of Weeds lately as a friend of mine told me she loves the show. And I did for a little while, being able to by-pass the anti-christian remarks along with the free marketing for global warming and all things anti-mililtary, but today I watched my last episode half-way through season 3. No more. Too much. The snarkiness when representing Chrisians is just too much. We aren’t half-wits you half-wit script writer. Most of us aren’t hypocrtites and you can really only call a Christian a hypocrite if they claim to never sin or to being human. We fall, we ask for forgiveness, we get back up. Most of us are finding our way through this world and our religion and trying to make good on it all. Why do you so happily point out to us our flaws? We know we have flaws, that is the basis of Christianity: admitting that you are a sinner and cannot hope to be perfect. But we are saved from the guilt of not being perfect because our Father is teaching us to be better humans. And yet we will never end up being perfect. Not perfectly nice, not prefectly sinless, not perfect wives or husbands or friends or workers. But we try. Probably harder than you.

Anyway, I guess I am also not short on soapboxes today.

But today Queenie DID take a nap, which is almost over, and today I did get farther on figuring out how to make a jungle themed cake for her birthday and today I did do half and hour of pilates and will do another half an hour when I am done typing here. I also wrote an email to a good friend and called another, even though her phone cut us off after 18:04 minutes. I also went shopping for ideas on Queenie’s birthday present and ended up spending only $1 (on apples. No, the present didn’t get purchased, I’m not that good of a shopper!)

So today I get a breather from a whiny child who has refused naps the last three days, making my life more challenging. I have had to take deep breaths often, aside from the deep breaths necessary from my uterus moving upwards, in order to not freak out. Hormones are terrible things sometimes. Really terrible. They make you feel like yelling because the furniture is dusty again and then crying because you yelled, then swearing and throwing things because the homemade fig newtons that you tried to make ended up tearing when being placed on the pan and then weren’t fig newtons at all bet rather pie pockets. Tasty, though. And fattening.

It seems I am also short on time today. That’s Queenie. Time to go outside before it gets dark.

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