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November 12, 2009

I set the alarm today for 7:10 hoping to get my backend out of bed in order to go to the gym. Going to the gym usually gives me more energy, especially if I do it in the morning time. Well, the alarm went off and I woke up but I didn’t get out of bed. It was so cozy under that huge comforter that we have that I just layed there contemplating a workout. And then Queenie woke up so the idea was officially a no-go. But, the great thing is that I was awake and feeling good about being awake. I was energized, to say the least and it felt wonderful!

So I made pancakes and cleaned up the house a bit and even got in a 20 minute Pilates session in between comforting Queenie (she has an ear infection). The rest of the morning was spent with Queenie on the couch watching Babies and me trying my hand at the new cake recipe I want to use for her birthday cake. I have been doing a lot of searching lately for cakes and cupcakes and all things buttercream. For some crazy reason I have this dream of opening an American bakery here in Madrid when we return. Hopefully that idea is due to pregnancy hormones because I am realizing just how little I know about baking. But, there are some great blogs out there that are getting me excited to learn more. Possibly not to open a bakery, but enough to make me famous with family and friends! My favorite blog right now is Fields of Cake and Other Good Stuff. She is where I got this incredible recipe for a new vanilla cake. She calls it Triple Vanilla Brown Butter Cake and IT IS THE MOST DELICIOUS VANILLA CAKE I HAVE EVER HAD!

Granted, with my crazy oven, all of my cupcakes fell because the cake wasn’t quite done even though the toothpick came out clean. ERRR! But that doesn’t really matter for my coffee and cake break because this recipe is so good you could eat it raw! (please don’t. Salmonella and all, folks.)

You really have to like baking to make this cake since it calls for some patience in making the brown butter, but it is so worth it. If you aren’t into having steps while baking look into her other recipes, she has some great ideas. Like adding a small packet of instant pudding to your buttercream frosting. SO GOOD! Really, I tried it today. And I think I may have eaten my weight in it, too! Even Queenie ate it, which she doesn’t normally eat baked goods and really doesn’t usually eat while sick. THAT IS HOW GOOD THIS IS!

I can’t get this point across enough. But, even if you aren’t a baking goddess, this woman will bake for you. How amazing is that. Right now her new post is all her delicious holiday goodies she can ship out to you and I would recommend you try them. Support our small businesses in the States! I am going to use her for some Christmas gifts and am a bit jealous that I won’t be around to taste these little treats. If mine came out so delicious, I’m sure a professional’s comes out even better.

So, yes, the energy came and went and left in its path fallen cupcakes. Now I have had a lie down and now am off to try another recipe. Chocolate this time. For Queenie’s party I will definitely be using the Triple Vanilla Brown Butter Cake. That will certainly start me on the road to fame with our friends. But for now I need to try another recipe and soothe my ego. Crazy oven or no, I haven’t had a fallen cake since…well, since only having a roasting oven and being stubborn enough to think I could bake in it! Yes, that was our first house in Spain. Oh, good times.

Okay, going now. Queenie is sleeping still and the energy may leave soon. I still haven’t pinned down the reason to its fickleness!

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