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Two years old and half way there

November 17, 2009

This last Sunday my little girl turned 2 years old. When I had a moment to be with my own thoughts I spent the time thinking back to that very day two years ago as we greeted our little angel and then one year ago as we celebrated her first year. I sat in the car, on the way to her abuelos’ house, sifting through my memories and trying to come up with the clearest pictures I could. Then I moved on throughout the last two years and thought of all the things that had changed for us, for the better, and then I thought about the years ahead and all the things that await us.

I love birthdays. I think I’ve said that before. I especially love birthdays for little kids. Even if they don’t understand why you are giving them special attention, I love giving it to them, spoiling them rotten all day long. I love the joy that spread over Queenie’s face as her daddy gave her a small bag of gummies that she doesn’t normal get to have. I love her, “Oh, WOW!” exclamaition as she realizes that the very large, pink box is for her to open. I love her saying, “Yum, yum, yum” as we place a piece of cake in front of her. And I love laughing as she only eats the decorative blobs of pink and green frosting and leaving the rest in order to go play with her cousins. I love the fact that she doesn’t actually have many toys and so has been playing nonstop with her miniature kitchen to the point of not wanting to go to bed because that means she has to stop playing.

Birthdays are the best. The cake. The day of being special. The day of no chores. I love birthdays so much that I selfishly didn’t want to share my Queenie’s day with anyone else. Mostly because they don’t celebrate birthdays (normally) as I would have them celebrated, but Sunday went really well and I couldn’t have asked for it to be anything different. With only 4 hours of sleep under our belts (from spending a long night with friends) we woke up at 8am in order to be at my in-laws house where Queenie had spent the night. (First night without her. Principe made that decision at 4 in the morning, for which I was quite angry, but I got over it by morning. Sweet ol’ me!). My brother-in-law couldn’t understand why we didn’t sleep in longer, but, besides the fact that Queenie needed her medicine, we wanted to see her for her birthday and give her a present. Plus, there is the fact that everything is always pure choas in this family and the earlier you get to one destination, the less stress you feel. And I needed as little stress as possible that day.

Queenie oohed and ahhed over her large box of puzzles and was generally in a good mood. The most interesting thing is that so was her mommy. I was in such a good mood that with only 4 hours of sleep I was able to brush off my mother-in-law’s comments like they were feathers, smile sweetly and then just turn away. I wasn’t very talkative all day long, but I was in a good mood, which is the most important for me. Otherwise……the inlaws get to me in a way that spoils not only that very day, but those following that day. But that is for another post….

We went to eat together, 18 people in all, to celebrate all of the cousins’ birthdays that we had missed. We ate too much, then brought out the cake, sat all three of them down, sang Happy Birthday twice as more cameras flashed than at a movie preview and ate more. Queenie, as I said before, barely touched her cake, her girl cousin had a grand old time shoving her piece bit by bit into her abuelo’s mouth, but my precious, little nephew ate almost all of his! He tried being patient as his father fed him with a fork in order for him not to stain his new clothes, but soon had his own fingers into the gooy chocolate, enjoying every sugary bite with a huge smile on his face. Nothing could have made me more proud (well, except forr my own Queenie to be as enthusiastic about my baking as my nephew!). As I said, the day was a success. It was perfect.

And today, two days later, we got to see our next little one at 20 weeks old gestationally. The doctor told us everything was fine; heart, liver, stomach, kidneys, ten fingers, ten toes, etc. He said he saw no more risk in having Down Syndrome and in fact said that he was pretty sure there was no extra chromosome. He looked through our papers and told us that our 1/233 chances is low risk for him and told us not to worry. Not that we were worried. We weren’t. Just curious. And after a month of looking at blogs about kids with Down Syndrome and families who are blessed with these extra chromosomes I wasn’t sure how to feel about the news. Of course the main thing is that this little one is healthy and strong and growing at the right pace. And of course I am feeling blessed to have a “normal” child. But no matter what category my child falls into, I would still feel blessed. Know what I mean? It’s hard to explain, but I guess I am saying that I feel strange celebrating the fact that our baby does not have an extra chromosome, because we wouldn’t have loved her any differently.

….Did you notice I used her? Yep. That’s the other news. Although the doctor admitted that with the baby only showing us her butt there is still a small possibility that it is a boy, he is pretty sure that we are having a girl! Now onto to names and getting through the next 20 weeks in order to have more birthdays in the future!

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  1. November 17, 2009 5:30 pm

    I tell you what, when we were pregnant with our second kid, I was praying for another little Downsie but we got a Normie instead. I suppose most people probably want the normal kind of kid. I guess I’m not a normal kind of dad.

  2. November 19, 2009 2:21 pm

    So glad the birthday went well. I struggle with sharing my children’s special moments with extended family. I want some things to be special for just our family. So I’m thankful that you got to experience both the joy of seeing Queenie turn two and sharing her with others who love her.

    And as a mom of three, I’m so excited for you that you’re having another girl! 🙂

    • wideopenworld permalink*
      November 19, 2009 8:14 pm

      Thanks! Two girls…I am thinking we will have lots of screaming in our future!

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