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Turkey Day preparation

November 26, 2009

Okay, okay, Iknow that today is Turkey Day, but here Principe doesn’t have the day off so we always celebrate on Saturday. Besides, my mother comes in tomorrow.

Anyway, my preparation is starting today and includes:

1. Make corn syrup. Not that I have anything against corn syrup, it’s just that they don’t sell it here. The sugar-water is boiling now.

2. Crack pecans open. I’m getting a few blisters from it, but I don’t mind. Takes me back to me childhood and the Texan pecans that used to be sent up to us from my mother’s cousins. I’m just grateful I can find pecans here. No Spanaird I know recognizes them as anything.

3. Broil pumpkin. Yep, you got it, no canned pumpkin here either.

4. Figure uot how to make everything gluten-free. Mother has celiac disease. She is bringing some flour to help with the preparations.

5. Find a good turkey breast recipe. For the four of us, we are only doing a breast.

6. Clean the bathroom.

7. Mop the floor. Although, I’m sure it will need to be mopped after dinner preparations.

8. Figure out how to get Queenie to use up her energy with all of this rain. Should be raining all weekend. Sweet.

9. Try to get my inlaws not to show us when they haven’t been invited. They were invited to come on Sunday because we make Thanksgiving an “only us” holiday. But they misunderstood and planned to come Saturday. I think I straightened it out though. I hope.

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