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Pecan pie

December 5, 2009

All I can think about right now is pecan pie. To the right that I don’t even want to be writing on here right now, I just want to be chewing a big bite of gooey, crunchy pecan pie. We are onto our third pie this week. Thankfully the first pie was shared with many people, but the second one was eaten between me, my mother and my husband. And now so is the third. Except that my mother left today, along with a large piece of pie, but left 2/3 of said pie with Principe and me. And I want it. I need it. I have to have it. Unfortunately for me I will be able to see my spreading ass in the reflection of the gallery door as I cut said piece of pie and then will notice even more how my thighs are rubbing together more skin that is usual when not pregnant and will generally feel bad about myself for not having gone to the gym for two days in a row. But the pecan pie will help me feel better, I think. At least until I have to get naked to have some sexy with Principe. But I can always turn out the lights and he will be too preoccupied with my breasts which have doubled (not much to double there, but they HAVE doubled) to notice my ass and thighs. So here goes. I’m going in. I’m eating the pie. Really, someone has to eat it. Queenie won’t touch it. And I would just get jealous if I let Principe eat it all. Besides, it wouldn’t be good for his diet!

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