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If you think we are basically good, just watch a toddler

December 8, 2009

Do you believe that we are basically good or basically bad? Most likely if you are a Christian you automatically say that all humans are basically bad. Why? Because it says so in the Bible. That is the most common response. And while obviously I believe that because I believe in the Bible, I have many friends who are either athiests, non-religion believers or of a different religion and most all of them believe that we are basically good. I mean, no one really wants to believe that they themselves are evil at the core.  Right? I mean, really. I’m not a bad person, am I? And surely you aren’t a bad person. We all get up in the morning  and try to be the best we can be….usually. We try to be good parents, good spouses, good friends, good, good, good.

But are we really that good?

When I thought about this for some reason in the shower (I do my best debating there!) and started forming a discussion in my head the image of my daughter on the playground suddenly came to me. I think we can see the true human form in young kids on the playground. The pushing, the shoving, the yelling, the taunting, the hitting, the discrimination, the outright meaness that happens on the playground is enough to convince me that we are basically bad. We are bad, bad, bad at heart.  We are impatient, we care nothing for the other person in front of us or behind us, we only want to show off, have fun oursleves without really caring if anyone else is having fun. Without really caring about anyone but ourselves.

But what about the good things that young kids do, you ask? What about the kisses that they give their mothers and fathers? What about the fact that they want to please their parents, well, most of the time? What about that?

See, I think that all the good things that we are come with the training that we recieve. And I bet most of you do too, really. How many times have you heard that you must discipline your toddler well if you want to have easier teenage years with them? I’ve heard it a million times and now I see what they were all talking about. Seriously, if you let your toddler do whatever the heck they want to do and try to reason with them instead of disciplining them (I don’t mean spanking. I’m not much for spanking. What I mean is, if you child takes something from another you make your child give it back. If they hit another you make them apologize and them possibly even take them home, all the while telling them they want be allowed to play if they act like that. …something along those lines, anyway.) you aren’t going to get a very good result. What you will get is an adult that thinks he/she can do whatever they want. And that isn’t really true, is it? There are rules to follow in life, mostly rules that keep us being good and from not following our bad core.

Don’t you think?

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