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How to get gooey chocolate on your newly clean clothes

December 12, 2009

Try making your Christmas cookies while catching up with the last month’s laundry, that’s how. Then think that you have cleaned yourself throughouly enough to try getting that ironing done only to fine more blotches of chocolate before you learn your lesson. I think my two year old is quicker at learning than me.

I still think that I can do it all and then some. When I obviously can’t. Just look at my blog and my non-existant Christmas letter and no as yet non-existant Christmas pictures. In fact, just try and find a Christmas dress hanging in Queenie’s closet because you won’t find one. Not yet. Today we were supposed to get one. But last night she stayed up until midnight playing with three other children before literally asking to be put to bed and woke up at 7:10 as always. Apparently she was an angel for Principe as I went ot the gym in the morning but as soon as I got home she turned on the water works. All she did was whine. And whine. And ask for food, then not eat it and then whine some more. So I put her in bed. And she fell asleep. But why doesn’t she whine to her father for goodness sakes? It is apparently the mother’s plight to be the go-to whine person for children, which is so frustrating. Especially when they do it in front of the thier abuelos who they were “perfect angels for before you came home”. Seriously. Why do kids have to be like that? I mean, I know why, I guess. The mother is the nurturer, the one who feeds them, clothes them, gives them medicine and puts them to bed. Even when the father is super involved the child wants mom when they are sick or overwhelmed with sleep. I know. But it doesn’t make it feel any better to have people try to point out that you are the cause for your child’s sudden temperment change!

Ahhhh. And Christmas is coming. Which means two whole weeks of living at the in-laws house. Awesome. Well, it should be better than previous years because I am determined to be in a good mood, to smile, to NOT take offense and to walk in love, love, love. And the fact that I am getting bolder in saying, “No thank you, I want to go for a walk ALONE. I know you don’t understand that, but I NEED it. So thanks for offering, but no thank you.” Yes, it should be a grand Christmas indeed! That is, as long as I get around to buying those presents…..that I haven’t even looked into buying yet….!

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