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First Day in Toulouse

January 6, 2010

First full day in Toulouse and we have had to sit through three temper tantrums. THREE. THREE!!!! The last one ended just less than half an hour ago and I am exhausted. I don’t know how much it helped end it, but what I did in the end was hold her tightly and, in the lowest tone I could muster, told her to stop several times. She soon turned her screams to apologetic cries and finally stopped. Then she ate a chicken nugget. Did I mention that this last temper tantrum was because we only bought her chicken nuggets and not french fries? Oh, yes. She threw the bag on the ground and marched right back into McDonald’s to get her french fries, but we stood our ground and dragged her home. Yes, it would have been easier to buy the french fries, but after having to coerce her into the bath tub after sitting through the second temper tantrum just an hour before, we just didn’t feel like giving in. That is something she will have to learn about her parents, we can sometimes we so tired of her screaming that we just don’t feel like ever giving her anything she wants or likes again. For the time being we will be hiding The Polar Express and will not be allowing her to watch it. That’s right. The Polar Express simply ending as all movies do, brought on the second temper tantrum. Getting into the car in the first place at 11 in the morning brought on the first.

I have to admit that she is tired and that is the primary reason that she is being such a stinker. She fell asleep in the car today while we looked at apartments, but her nap only lasted about 15 minutes. She woke up once we got out and never went back to sleep again. Besides not being able to take a nap she hasn’t really been allowed to play that much today as we spend from 11am to 5 pm looking at apartments. I know, I know, so in all actuality she didn’t really misbehave too much. No. It is just that we are stubborn parents and wanted to give her the option to fill her growling stomach with some sort of food before going to sleep and we should have just put her to bed. Since she didn’t eat any of her crêpe at lunch we though for sure she would be hungry, but apparently she was hungry for pommes frites and not chicken nuggets. (What do you think about my french? Hmmm? Yeah, I have no idea how to say “chicken nuggets”!)

Anyway, besides that we only really saw three apartments today. The fourth one we saw from the outside and it’s neighborhood, but weren’t able to go inside yet. Tomorrow we will. The first one was super cool. It has a balcony that is bigger than our house in Madrid right now along with four bedrooms, a huge kitchen and a ginormous living room. Only problem is that it would cost us about 120 Euro extra every month for community and water bills. Problem is that it seems to be pretty far from the center of the city. At first that was a big problem, but as the day went on we realized that “far” for the French doesn’t necessarily mean FAR. So we are going to look into it a bit more tomorrow. We would right now but Principe is out with a coworker having a beer. Hmm-mmm. We’ll talk about that some other day. (That being just how much he is helping these days.) The second one we discarded right away because we just didn’t like it. The area is nice, but the kitchen is super small and I just cook too much to have that small of a kitchen. It had not counter space and no cabinets. I know! How do they not put cabinets in kitchens? Weird. You know what else is weird? They have separate rooms for the toilet. Just the toilet, nothing else. No sink, no nothing. The shower and sink are together and the toilet is in this separate place that looks like it should just be a utility closet. Very strange. The French are a bit odd, though!

The third apartment was just as cool as the first, except that it doesn’t have the balcony, but it is right in the center of the city. It is a beautiful old building and literally smack dab in the center. It too would cost us a bit more as we would have to rent a parking space separate from the building. It also doesn’t have an elevator, but it is on the second floor, so it isn’t like we would have to go up too many stairs. Now, the stroller would be a problem, but I guess it is a problem I am willing to put up with because the apartment is just that cool. It is huge, though not as huge as the first, and totally reformed. New kitchen and bathrooms along with newly painted walls and newly sanded floors.

At the moment we aren’t leaning more towards one or the other. We are caught between them both. But tomorrow we have two more to see and perhaps a few more will open up for us to see on Friday. Who knows. The good thing about tomorrow is that our appointments are at 10am and 6pm so that Queenie will get to have a nap and I will be able to take a walk. My hips hurt from being in the car so many hours yesterday and today without getting in a really good walk.

As for Toulouse itself, the city is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. I’m excited to live here. The only problem is my french. I asked for the bathrooms today and wasn’t understood for a few seconds by the woman. That felt really good. And it didn’t help calm my nerves on speaking French at all, but it is something I will just have to do. And the French will just have to put up with my terrible accent!

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