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Turning 30

January 15, 2010
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*****Side note: I know I’m being annoying by constantly changing my blog theme, but I can’t seem to find one that I like. I don’t know why, but  every time I look at my own blog I only think BORING! Without any money at the moment to get a custom one, I am on the verge of finding one that will stick for longer than two hours! Really! I promise I will stop this soon. I just have to figure out some computer stuff first…..which could take awhile!*****

Principe turned 30 yesterday. Although my plans for his 30th birthday earlier on in our marriage and relationship always had some grand scheme of a surprise party or taking him out somewhere exotic, those plans never figured in me being 29 weeks pregnant with our second child. Needless to say it was a quiet birthday for him, poor man. I even feel asleep before we could have some form of sex. (It’s hard these days to just have sex…so we have some form of it….!) But that wasn’t entirely my fault as he chose to watch soccer until 12pm! With Queenie waking up every night and refusing to go back to sleep herself and us allowing her to cry on and off for an hour (Principe’s idea) my sleep is a bit off. Besides, did I mention the 29 weeks of pregnancy??? About Queenie, last night I finally got up (against Principe’s wishes), hugged her, put her back and told her to go to sleep like a big girl. It took 3 times but she finally did it. I told Principe that she is old enough for us to need to explain why we suddenly changed our ways of doing things. He agreed. Sort of.

Back to turning 30.

Here in Spain when I tell people Principe’s age they usually look at me in shock. Well, they look at Queenie, then at my belly and then at me in shock. “He’s so young!” they exclaim. “And how old are you?”

Spain is going through a change. People are no longer having babies. In fact, the only reason that their population finally started rising is because of immigrants having babies. Spaniards are not having enough babies. If you measure just the Spaniard population you would find it negative: meaning more people are dying each year than being born. A figure came out yesterday that said almost 40% of women aged 35 didn’t have children yet. Wow. I don’t know what the statistics are in the States, but in my old community that just isn’t the case. Almost everyone I know from high school already has at least one kid, and we are only 28. By the time we are 35 I’m pretty sure anyone who wants to have kids will have them in some way or another. Maybe that is too general of an assumption though……

At any rate, Principe is 30. He doesn’t look it, I don’t think. At least not what I thought 30 would look like when I was younger. I think I look older than him. Perhaps it has something to do with the very dark circles under my eyes! Not sure, but everyone always thinks I am older. Always have since I was a teenager. That doesn’t really favor me for when I am 40 and want everyone to think that I am 35, does it?

I feel a bit sorry for Principe and the uneventful birthday that he had, although we are having people over tonight to celebrate, but still, I feel bad and am planning to do something for next year. Going to have to set a timer somewhere to remind me….!

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