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January 18, 2010

Due to my new take on parenting (trying not to yell over silly things, but only over BIG things), Queenie has learned to sigh. She spills her cup of juice, seeing this she makes sure ALL of it spills by dumping the rest of it out on the floor to which I (starting at a rather high decibel and quickly getting lower), “What are we doing? That is NOT what we do!”

And I sigh.

She looks at the mess and sighs. Over and over and over before deciding that her slippers are a good choice for mop. And before allowing me time to get there with the actual mop she sits in the middle of it, soaking the rest of the apple juice up with her corduroy jeans. Awesome.

And I sigh.

So she sighs.

And now everytime there is a spills or something falls, etc, Queenie sighs. It’s quite funny, especially when I am sighing at her and her behavior which makes her sighing at herself. I think we might have a problem with her wanting to sigh at her own baby sister in a few weeks!

Did I mention she also screams? She is screaming at me now because she wants me to play with her. but I have things to do that I didn’t get done while she was napping because I spent all of that time both watching Grey’s Anatomy and looking for info on Toulouse:playgroups and giving birth info. Apparently all playgroups are outside of Toulouse and I was suppose to reserve a birthing bed at the local hospital months ago. So yes, the news today is not good. Hopefully I will find more uplifting information tomorrow.  (By the way, how in the world do you reserve a birthing bed if even the doctor can’t tell you what date you are going to give birth? Not sure about that one…!)


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