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Sad to see us go

January 22, 2010

After weeks of preparation and not being sad, I have to admit that after going to playgroup again this week there is a small part of me that wouldn’t mind staying here in Madrid. Of course, that isn’t going to happen and 95% of me is super excited to go to Toulouse, but that 5% came out as I spoke to women who I started to have a small relationship with a few months ago and seeing them again after Christmas made me nostalgic to loose them in my life. Only having seen them twice or maybe once a week since September, the friendship is slow in building, but these women are so open and easy to talk to, as they come to playgroup for the same reasons that I go for….making friends both for them and their children.

While many of them will also end up leaving from now until September of 2010, there are quite a few who are here indefinitely and who I think we could have ended up being pretty goods friends if it weren’t for us leaving. Of course, if we do end up being in Toulouse for only 18 months many of these women may still be going to playgroups with their children who are babies now or who are not yet born, but maybe not. Of course, the chances of us coming back here within 18 months is getting smaller and smaller as Principe’s new boss is already unwilling to put a specific date on us going since the contract is already taking longer than originally thought. We are thinking now 2-3 years.

This last week I have been looking for playgroups and preschools in Toulouse and I have to say that I am dissapointed for the moment. It seems that the French are much more like Americans in that they use their cars much more in their daily life han Spaniards, which stinks. We only have one car and we will have to pay for parking for that car and at the moment, although my American licence is good for one year in France, we are not in a place to buy another car, pay for it’s insurance and it’s parking. We are hoping to save money in Toulouse, not spend it all! At any rate, every playgroup or moms group I have found so far are outside of Toulouse center and in surrounding villages, which aren’t really that far but we will have to see how long it takes to get there with a bus….and two children!

Principe told me I should have looked at this earlier so that we could have looked into houses in Blagnac, the village where he works and one mom/playgroup is held. His smirk almost brought my hormone wrecked body to tears, but as I held them back I managed to snap back that being in Blagnac would only have heightened the car dilemma. The smirk quickly fell off his face as he agreed with me.

So, as of now I am looking at another beginning of no friends. And so is Queenie. And she is the one that I feel sorriest for. After watching her have so much fun playing with kids her age again this week after being stuck with babies over Christmas, my heart is a bit broken that we are taking her away from it all. Not that she will really be able to accuse us of such a thing, but just knowing that she will probably have a three months stretch without friends bothers me. But then, there isn’t much else I can do. Just keep looking I guess.

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