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Coloring Maneenos

January 25, 2010

Maneeno, in Queenie’s language comes from muñeco de nieve (snowman), and she is obsessed with them. She is not only obsessed with having one in our house and not putting it away with the rest of the Christmas decorations, but she is also obsessed with coloring them. Hundreds of them, millions of them. She constantly wants someone to draw a maneeno for her, one right after the other. Since she discovered this lovely object of affection two weeks before Christmas Principe and I have drawn probably a couples hundred of them just between the two of us. You might say, hey, so what? It’s easy enough, right? Three circles, two eyes, a carrot nose and a hat. What are you complaining about? At least she doesn’t want you to draw a detailed rocket ship!

Think about this: drawing one maneeno after another after another after another after another after another……AH!

But I have to admit that maneenos aren’t all that I have been drawing lately. Also patitos (ducks) and stars and hearts and circles and an occasional meow-meow or dee-dee (elephant). I can draw a pretty good maneeno after all my practice and my patito is coming along, but my meow-meows and dee-dees leave much to be desired so I try my best to steer clear of them. Principe, on the other hand, voluntarily suggests drawing dee=dees in order to avoid drawing yet another maneeno or choo-choo. (For some reason he is in charge of choo-choos, which end up looking like large, interconnected boats with wheels. But Queenie loves them) Now, if you thought his choo-choo sounded bad, you should see Principe’s dee-dees. You have to give the guy a break since both his mind and hands were made for numbers and not for art, but seriously, why volunteer if this is going to be your outcome?

Does that look like a dee-dee to you? I have to admit that his second attempt on the right is a little better, but the first attempt is something your might see during a bad LSD trip. That thing is scary! But leave it to Queenie to console her papa’s ego by exclaiming, “Dee-dee!” every time she sees this pictures. I just laugh. Not with him, at him. Someone needs to because his daughter is making him think that he can actually draw. I suggested showing this picture to all the world by posting it on the fridge but Principe took it down with a red face. So I’m showing you. And no, he doesn’t know. Not that he could do anything to stop me! Because I need someone to laugh along with. Come on, now! It’s just so funny.

Unless you are on major drugs, of course……

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