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Diary of moving day

January 28, 2010

(Didn’t have internet yesterday to plug in this post. So here it is today.)


Having movers pack your stuff is a strange experience. Right now Queenie  and I have been pushed to a corner in my bedroom, made to get out of the way. Every time we dare to leave we bump into someone, making us feel in the way and outsiders in our own home. For awhile we were huddled in the kitchen having breakfast on the floor while playing with her choo-choo. it was fine until she saw a strange man pick up her maneeno that her papa brought home from the United States and put him into a box. There was a little freaking out, but after explaining to her over and over that maneeno would be in her new room in just two days she finally settled down. Other than that one little moment she seems to be fine with the fact that all of our stuff is going into boxes. I guess that since her parents are okay with all of this that she feels like it is all okay. That and the fact that she is watching her choo-choo movie for the first time since going to Toulouse!

13:30 (We use military time in Europe)

Time to eat lunch. The movers left to eat lunch and Queenie and I are now at a diner to do the same. Honestly, I thought that she might take a nap, but then the waitress brought crayons, so, well, things must be colored on. She ate two scrambled eggs that I managed to make for her before the moving storm moved into the kitchen. I really wasn’t prepared for how rapidly they do stuff here. I went to get a wash cloth and they suddenly weren’t there! The annoying thing to me is that I have no control over stuff and they don’t really ask me. I had to remember to go set aside cleaning supplies and paper towels and the mop myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t get there in time to grab the mop bucket so I will have to squeeze out the mop water by hand. Sweet. What with my germ phobia and my joint problems (they keep cramping up. Is that gestational arthritis???) I am totally looking forward to that. Did I mention that last night I got less than 6 hours of sleep. I can’t stop yawning.

Oh, french fries. Gotta go!


Cleaning is done. Queenie hasn’t had a nap and it shows, although she is being really good. Other than the fact that she has tried to place a screw into an outlet two times now which has led to her mommy yelling NO like she has never yelled no before, she is being pretty good. I am tired and my back is aching and honestly, with the mood I am in, if I were the child I’d be in the corner right now. She really wants me to sit on the floor and color with her and the more she pesters me about it the more frustrated I get. I am trying to speak calmly to her, (except for the outlet incidents), but I am having a hard time. Or I should say, that I was having a hard time. Now that I’m done cleaning I am feeling a bit better. But now it is snowing (something that has actually kept Queenie entertained) and my plans to go downtown to kill time and buy a brown sweater are no longer feasible. So we will have to go to the tiny mall near our house to kill time. Principe won’t be coming home until 7pm, so he says. But when Principe says an certain time of day you have to add at least another hour onto that time. So I’m thinking 8pm. And my aching back could just scream at that. I haven’t sat down since lunch and I have been bending over in strange ways to reach the backs of cabinets and drawers for the last hour and a half. I can barely walk. I need tea. So right now, at this very moment I am drinking tea at the coffee shop in the mall while Queenie walks circles around the tables and takes a bite of her croissant while passing by me. What a way to eat a snack. I need to figure out dinner for her. She is still walking but is so tired that I’m not sure how well she is going to behave while the casero (landlord) comes and has us sign off on the house. He’s really nice and I don’t fault him for wanting to do this, but the idea of it makes me cringe. Queenie could be either really good (as she has been today) or could end up having a temper tantrum, which is something I won’t be able to handle with my back and my outright tiredness.

Principe says he should be home no later than 19:30. So we’ll be leaving here at 19:30 and no earlier. I really need to figure out dinner.

Ugh. Time to go. I literally have been sitting here staring at my precious daughter walking around and around and my mind has been otherwise blank. Blank, blank, blank. I will live in Toulouse starting Friday. Wow. I’m a little sad. Pretty sad. I had lunch with a friend yesterday where we found out that we have more in common than we thought we did, which just made us sad because we won’t be able to develop this friendship in a normal way. It will have to be through the internet. Which can still happen, but it isn’t as nice as having actually coffee face to face while we watch our daughters play together. But what are you going to do? We are moving. And I’m excited about that. But I will have another four months of no friends.

Gotta go. The casero will be sitting out in the snow waiting for me.


We are in Valladolid. Queenie actually fell asleep the moment I placed her in her carseat without the car even being started! So strange for her! She didn’t end up eating anything else for dinner and screamed twice during the trip for what seemed to be tooth pain, but went back to sleep both times and is now in her travel crib asleep. Didn’t even peep on the move from the car to the house.

Besides my daughter not giving me stress I am trying not to be pissed right now at our new landlady. She is a real peach. And when I say peach what I really mean is a 5 letter B word. She lives in Paris and has decided to come into Toulouse at 2pm. She told our intermediary that we HAVE TO BE THERE NO LATER THAN 2PM to go over the house with her NOTARY and discuss the holes that are already in the wall and how much she will be charging us for any additional (along with stains, rips, crack, etc). She won’t let the movers start until after this is done and says she will need at least 2 hours to do this. ERRRRR! She is basically making us leave at 5 in the morning to get there by 2pm, not having yet eaten and possibly with a two year old that hasn’t taken a nap and definitely hasn’t gotten to run around all morning long to walk around the house at a snail’s pace to find all the “problems” in the house. I am trying really hard not to be angry that this woman is imposing her timetable on us when we are supposedly the clients in this business transaction. Ignacio is annoyed too that she is trying to make us pay a fee for moving in three days before the start of a new month. She seems a bit odd. Ugh. 5 in the morning we have to leave. Just thinking of it makes me feel dizzy. And the moving part won’t even get to start until 4pm. So we won’t get to settle into our house until bed time. I just pray that Queenie is a good on Friday as she was today. Please, please, please!

Time for bed. Moving day part one is over. Part deux to come.

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  1. January 29, 2010 5:27 pm

    Toulouse. Wow. Jealous. 🙂 Good luck with the move!

    • wideopenworld permalink*
      February 4, 2010 10:39 am

      You are welcome anytime!

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