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January 29, 2010

IKEA is the store of jovenes (young people) these days. Especially those who need to fill a place with furniture. It is fairly cheap, has lots of ideas and has everything you can image. In the States I’m not so sure it is the first place that people go in order to buy furniture, but here in Europe it is the place. Even those who aren’t so joven go there if they need a piece of furniture that they plan to use but perhaps wouldn’t care if, in three years, it breaks down or doesn’t make the next move. The nice thing is that they have everything from the very cheap to a bit more quality and the in-between. Today we went with a ginormous list of things to buy. GINORMOUS!

The first mistake we made was to go at 5pm after having spent the morning unpacking and the afternoon getting Queenie to rest a bit. Finally we set out, thinking that the IKEA in France kept the same hours as the IKEA in Spain. Wrong. But we’ll talk about that later, since we didn’t know until they were closing…..

Queenie fell asleep on the way there and stayed asleep in her small fold-up stroller for about an hour and a half inside IKEA. Principe said we looked like some poor, young couple who shouldn’t be having more children since our child was squished in the fold-up stroller with her father’s coat to keep her warm while the other children were sitting in their new McLarens. Well, what are you going to do? It was an incredible advantage that she was sleeping. We did our first hour and a half really quickly. A sofa-bed for the guest-scrapbooking-play-room, two chairs for the living room, shelves for the kitchen, two closets for our room, a dresser for Queenie, a set of drawers for my scrapbooking (Queenie wakes up) a big girl bed along with a comforter and pillow and a tent for the playroom. Then two more sets of drawers for Principe and I, a kitchen table and three high stools for the kitchen. Along with all the accessories that you end up buying while in that store: candles, plants, frames, etc.

Just when we were reaching the end of the store we hear the announcement that they are closing. But we are good, right? Wrong. We still have to go through the factory part downstairs and pick up all of the boxes of the items we have written down. If you have never been to IKEA the top floor is the display area where you see the furniture built and you write down the specific aisle that the box is located, then you go downstairs and pick up all of your boxes. As we place the first two items on our cart we get two sales people, very nervous, approaching us to ask if we were finished. We showed them the very long list that we had to pick up and their frustration is evident. Five minutes later they come back over to see how we are doing and decide to “help”. Soon we have five people trying to help us. Unfortunately there are three things that are out of stock, but the rest they are going to get for us. So I go to the cashier to start paying for things and soon it looks like we are done. Principe goes to the other part of the store to pay for transport that will go out on Monday, which sucks but there is nothing that we can do about it.

When I join him he gives me a look that say, “This sucks.” Apparently they aren’t sure if they can get all of the stuff into the computer on time before the program shuts down. Five minutes later….success! And now to pay for the transportation: 118Euro. What? Well, you have to pay the 59Euro twice because there is too much weight. Fine. We do it. No arguing. It is 8:30 already and we are the only ones left in the store besides these two workers and security. We pay. We go find something to eat.

Back at home, with Queenie in bed, we express our frustration at the items that were out of stock. Taking out the recipe and the list that we had written down during our voyage through the display area we start looking for the things that were out of stock…and find that we have paid for only HALF of a sofa-bed and that our two sets of drawers didn’t make it onto the cart either. We paid for twice the transportation and we don’t even have all of the items that were in stock. So much for the five people “helping” us. They didn’t get it right. We have to go back. Awesome. The frustration level is high right now. But there is nothing else to do but to go to bed and wait until Monday to see if we can get the other items and get them on the truck. Luckily our truck isn’t set to go out until 6pm. Hopefully they will be nice and let us get the other items on there.

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  1. Julie permalink
    February 4, 2010 10:39 pm

    Good idea to pay for transportation though. We had an interesting IKEA experience here in Sydney when I was heavily pregnant. We decided we could get three bookshelves, a chest of drawers and some other bits and pieces into our Toyota Corolla hatchback to drive home. I spent the 40 minute trip with my head squished between the window and a cardboard box! Next time we will definitely pay for delivery.

    • wideopenworld permalink*
      February 7, 2010 7:42 pm

      Yes, on the other hand it was worth it since we don’t know anyone with a truck! Money well spent, it was just surprising t have to pay for it twice…it’s strange how they present the whole thing. Anyway, as you said, good idea!

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