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Definitely a girl!

February 1, 2010

Today was another eventful day. We rushed over to IKEA as soon as we could to fix the whole You-only-gave-us-half-a-bed-and-forgot-several-things-on-our-list fiasco. We ended up leaving with the car bursting because they wanted to charge us another 59Euro to add more weight to the truck and we weren’t about to pay that again. Poor Queenie was stuffed in between a rolled mattress, a potted tree and plastic trash cans. But I worked out. After unloading the car Principe went for some eggs and bananas, we ate a hurried lunch and ran out again to find our OB.

After waiting for more than an hour in the waiting room (Queenie was really so good while we waited. She has been an angel lately. Wonder when the bubble is going to burst…?) we finally met our new OB. German. Who quote’s a Michael Moore movie to tell me that the American health care system needs reform. He also thinks the French system needs reform. Thankfully after just those two remarks we moved off of politics and onto baby.

He was really very nice and made us feel really comfortable about the change. After prescribing a few blood tests (you have to go to a laboratoire medicaile d’analysis (medical analysis laboratory) with this prescription to get blood work done) and new vitamins (which cost 27 Euro for 3 months!) he did a quick ultrasound to see what Little N was up to. Apparently she has been up to quite a bit lately. That huge discomfort I felt a few weeks back was probably her turning into the breech position! She is breech right now and has only one month to change. The doc isn’t worried because she has enough room to move back, but I want her to do it sooner rather than later as the discomfort I felt a few weeks ago was nothing, I’m sure, to what I will feel when she does it as a bigger baby!

And she is certainly a girl. No mistaking now. She tried to hide her little vagina with her toes, but we could clearly see her little labia. Girls, girls, girls. After all my dreams that she was going to surprise us by having a little penis when born. Not that I’m upset. Another girl is fine with me. Get more use out of those dresses!

The clinic is super nice, very modern, very clean, very spacious and very close to home. I’m excited about going there to give birth. In 2007 and 2008 they were voted the best place to give birth in Spain. And their c-section rate is only 15%. I have the personal number to my doctor’s office and if he isn’t going to be there around the date I’m supposed to give birth he has a substitute replace him and allows me to come meet him. If he is there he personally delivers all of his patients’ babies.

He is very straightforward about everything and asked me three times if I had questions! Wow! I feel very comfortable talking to him and not at all intimidated to next time talk about birthing options and what my birth plan is. I think he is open to many things and isn’t about to give me attitude about anything, which is perfect. I am very happy about the whole thing. He never complained once that we had Queenie with us or looked at us funny when we had questions. This half private/half public thing is good, I think. Having the competition between the doctors is a good thing. It makes them work harder on their customer service!

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