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Another melt down

February 7, 2010

It is now 10pm. We have internet, although this morning if you had seen or heard Principe stomping around the living room alternatively throwing and picking through the internet cables you would have thought we would never have it. In fact, he claimed that we were not sent the right stuff in order to set it up. But suddenly, as I came out of our room, I found him sliding on his knees in a victory dance looking for a high five. His dark mood had suddenly turned bright. We had internet.

Five minutes later as he tried to set up the television the same thing happened. There were words yelled that shouldn’t have been yelled in the presence of a toddler and much stomping around. There was even a jab or two at an empty box near by. We didn’t have the right cable, then we had the right cable, then the cable didn’t reach the box then it would reach if we rearranged the living room, so we rearranged the living room but it still didn’t work, etc. I was about ready to pull my hair out with all the circles he was leading me in. And suddenly we had television. Interesting. Do you see where this is leading?

Then there was the armoire from IKEA. The second one. I set up the majority of it and asked Principe to finish putting on the doors while I made lunch. It took almost two hours to put the doors in because he couldn’t get the perfectly matched at the door knobs. And then for some reason he decided to loosen the screws on the first armoire and screwed up the evenness on those doors. That brought on a swearing session that almost rocked the entire house. He even jabbed the screw driver into a box. Twice. He was pissed. Together we got the first armoire back to being perfectly matched but no matter what we did the second one refused to match. There is something wrong with the way that IKEA put the holes into the wood for the door handles because the doors at the top and bottom are a perfect match. Unfortunately, Principe is a perfectionist so the whole thing bothers him so much that he can’t stand to have the second armoire. So it’s for me. No biggy. I don’t care.

Flashfoward to the here and now. I just spilled an entire glass on milk on the floor. On the carpeted floor that the landlady reminds us is new every chance she gets. Because of that the very idea that I spilled something on this carpet stresses Principe out. That and the fact that he has to actually get up off the couch and stop watching whatever mindless nonsense he is watching on the tube. He went to get a mop and I went to get towels. When I smirked at his mop idea and waved the towels around he stomped off and told me to do it myself. Which apparently he was serious about because me and my pregnant belly just finished sopping up, then cleaning with water, then sopping up again. I gave him a look that he didn’t like, put the towels in the utility room, picked up the computer and told him I was going to bed when he asked me what I was doing. I’m a bit ticked. And hormonally on the verge of tears. I think he is purposely staying and watching television to not have to deal with his hormonal wife, which is a very good idea because it gives me time to get rid of the hormones and tears in order to be decent to him before we go to bed.

Interesting, I placed the title to this post before the whole spilling of the milk and I was talking about Principe! Now it seems like it is me who is melting down. Perhaps I’m just tired. Queenie still wakes up every single night. She can’t seem to sleep the whole night through. She has no trouble going to bed, even in her big girl bed. She puts herself to sleep even. We don’t lie down with her or anything. After books are read and kisses are given the lights go out and she has to fall asleep on her own. Something we read is quite important to learn. The problem is that she only stays asleep for a maximum of 6 hours and then she wakes up. We quit giving her a bottle midway through the night, but that didn’t help. We tried letting her cry. That didn’t help. Now that she has a bed she comes into our room, climbs into bed and almost immediately falls asleep. But then I have to get up and put her back. If I do so right away she wakes up again an hour later. If I wait an hour she stays until about 7, sometimes 8 in the morning. But it breaks up my sleep and I feel so tired because of it in the morning. That and I am pregnant.

Of course the biggest concern is how to deal with this once Little N comes into the world and I’m up all night feeding her. I need to start praying that she is one of those babies that only wakes up once a night. Please, please, please be one of those babies, Little N!

That being said I need to go to sleep. Just a quick look at my email and I’m off to bed. Before midnight I will be snuggled down, that is my promise to myself!

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