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The day after Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2010

Did you all have a wonderful Valentine’s? I hope so. Mine was spent with Queenie while Principe went skiing. He went with a friend who said he had to go on Sunday and not Saturday because he was going to go out on Friday and needed Saturday to recuperate. I had initially pushed Principe to go because he loves to ski and hasn’t been able to do it in three years. The fact that they were going on Valentine’s Day didn’t really make me change my mind. It’s just a day.

But then I didn’t think that he would completely forget about the significance of the day. He doesn’t have the excuse of actually forgetting about Valentine’s Day because I reminded him about it a few days ago and on Friday night he won our usual contest of seeing who remembers an anniversary first. You see, Valentine’s Day is the anniversary of the first time we admitted to each other that we liked each other and wanted to see things further. I can’t say our “first date” because things didn’t work like that with us. They rarely do during college, no matter what the movies say.  It went like this: we went out with friends to our usual Thursday night meeting place, got pissed (that means drunk in British English, which I find appropriate to use here as we were both studying in Northern Ireland at the time), went back to Principe’s apartment with some friends and ended up cuddly….and then making out. Oh, college!

We didn’t really realize that it was Valentine’s Day until a few months later when we were still together, much to both of our surprise, and wanted to stay together even though we were going to be separated for the summer and coming school year. In order to have an anniversary to go by we went over our days together and figured out that that fateful night was indeed Valentine’s Day. (This is when you say, “Aw, what a cute story…!”)

And although we have three wedding anniversaries to celebrate (I’ll get into THAT some day) Valentine’s Day has always been a day to celebrate, albeit the grandeur has dwindled since the first few years together (8 years now…). Principe used to buy me teddy bears and chocolates and roses and take me out ….then it went to roses and maybe chocolates until last year he totally forget until I handed him his handmade card with a poem and Queenie’s art project and which time he ran out and bought me chocolates and a candy rose. BUT THIS YEAR HE HAD NOTHING! I was actually shocked. I hid this emotion well with him by shrugging it off and saying that it wasn’t a big deal, that we celebrate the wedding anniversaries now and that I technically had nothing for him, that his gift (paper mache heart frames with a picture of Queenie and him together. Queenie painted the frames and I wrote on the side, “My heart belongs to daddy”) was technically from Queenie and that I only had the caramel filled chocolate cupcakes to give him. Which, by the way, took me about 3 hours to make because of usual mommy stuff, but, whatever…..

I shrugged it off and soothed his ego but really I felt like shedding a few tears. Not a lot of tears, but a few. He didn’t even have a single flower. Or paper flower. Or a piece of gum in the shape of a flower. He didn’t stop on his way back from skiing, he didn’t think to buy something the day before. He just didn’t think about it. Literally didn’t think about it. Which made me sad. Again, not depressed. Just a little sad.

Not that I would ever tell him that because I honestly don’t think it is worth making him feel bad about. Honestly and truly. Perhaps it is all just pregnancy hormones and deep down I don’t really care. This is a possibility.

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  1. February 15, 2010 9:19 pm

    Mr Foodie and I exchanged last year’s cards. We had bought them last year at the same time and put them in the glove box in the car to exchange later. Well later turned out to be this year because we completely forgot about them!

    • wideopenworld permalink*
      February 16, 2010 2:44 pm

      That’s funny! At least you both forgot and remembered at the same time!

  2. February 15, 2010 10:49 pm

    I experienced the same thing. I wasn’t heartbroken, just a little sad that the day didn’t merit a bit more thought from my dear hubby. That said, he has spent the last three weeks caring for me and our three daughters almost non-stop. That should tell me more than a rose, right? Still…

    • wideopenworld permalink*
      February 16, 2010 2:43 pm

      I know, still…it’s just the idea of getting a rose or something when almost every other woman is getting one too!

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