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Does anyone have the self-discipline it takes….?

February 16, 2010

I made a Valentine’s Day resolution. After lying on the couch for an hour while Queenie watched stupid cartoons I decided that no matter how tired I am I will get showered before 9am from now on. The excuse of exercising later will not deter me either. If I need to take two showers in one day, then so be it.

The goal of such a resolution is two-fold: The shower will wake me up more than a cup of coffee or lying on the couch listening to cartoons AND it will get me ready to face the day. Getting ready earlier will help me leave the house earlier in order to do anything that we want to do and take away the stress that I feel sometimes of seeing the hours tick by me while being unable to finish THE LIST I have in my head of chores and other things I need or want to get done that day. I’m sure you know what I mean on that…!

At any rate yesterday I was slathering lotion and getting dressed at 8:55 am! Yea!

But today I stepped into the shower at 9:30. Boooooooooo.

This may have a little bit to do with the fact that I had an extremely whiny toddler this morning who wanted pasta for breakfast. I took that as a sign that she was extremely hungry since she didn’t eat dinner last night (fell asleep before hand!) and made the pasta, mixing it with cream and an egg. She ate half. And it took coercion to get her to eat half. Errr. Frustration. At the end of breakfast I found myself yelling NO in such a way that it frightened even me. Instead of saying anything else I gritted my teeth together, guided Queenie to the living room to watch a Baby Einstein episode while I sat on the couch with my head in my hands and my eyes closed. I was so tempted to lie down. Really. Being awoken three times last night, twice more almost half an hour, was a good excuse to use, too.

But I didn’t. Neither did I get into the shower at the time of my resolution. But I did eventually get into the shower. Oh, well. I heard once that it take 15 days to make something a habit. Is that true? Makes sense I guess. I only have 13 more days to make this a habit!

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  1. February 16, 2010 10:27 pm

    Don’t worry about not getting in the shower before 9 am. I didn’t get to hit the shower until 11h45 today. I usually get showered and dressed before I bring my eldest to school. But it was her birthday today so I didn’t get a chance to do it. Then the little one would sleep and kept looking for my attention. I had to stick her in front of a Baby Einstein DVD in order to get 20 minutes peace, when of course I had a list of things to do as long as my arm to get through! You deserve a rest especially if you have been woken up during the night!

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