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..the sound of silence….

March 5, 2010

There needs to be a new song written called “The sound of silence DOES NOT EXIST IN THE CITY!” Not even one as small as Toulouse. This is a small city. SMALL. But silence does not exist here.

Last night we were invited to have front window seats at the Hopped Up on Booze and Nicotine University Boys A capella Club.

And the singing was not good.

We tried to politely refuse this invitation, but they wouldn’t listen.

They came anyway.

At three in the morning I seriously thought about how many Hail Mary’s I would have to do for throwing eggs at the club. But then I remembered how expensive eggs are and let it go.

Then at 3:15 I thought about changing Queenie’s diaper in order to throw that at the singing club, but was grateful enough for her to still be sleeping so I opted to cover my head with my pillow instead.

And then Queenie woke up. And I changed her diaper. But just as I was preparing to open the window the singing became rather distant and I realized they were going home. I don’t know if the tears were in relief or disappointment for not getting to show them my appreciation.

Then the garbage man came. 5AM. But he must have been in a rotten mood because he decided to throw the canisters back onto the curb instead of setting them there.

And it is Friday, time to pick up the recycling. Apparently the thought of the weekend coming gave the recycling man (or woman, yeah, yeah) the idea that every piece of glass in the canister should be given its last rites by being thrust individually into the truck, being at once smashed into little pieces. Right below my bedroom window.

And then Queenie woke up. So I tried to convince her to go back to sleep. But the people walking to work at 6 AM who seemed to be standing on opposite sides of the street found it a good time to shout to each other about the news of the morning. And Queenie laughed when I said it wasn’t morning yet.

And then she covered her face with her Elephant and said, “Mama, e esta?” (“Mama, where am I?”)

Not even allowing her into our bed helped soothe her back to sleep. Not even the semi-silence as the recycling and trash trucks finally pulled away, their engines roaring at an ungodly decibel.

And that is how I found myself playing neighs (My Little Pony) at 6:25 AM. Gotta love the city.

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  1. March 5, 2010 11:16 pm

    I am with you sister! We live in an urban residential part of Chicago and every weekend we get the party crowd going home – drunk as skunks in their cars. Last weekend (4.30am) a group of young kids chatted loudly, leaning on an idling car, until I finally went down and asked them to “take it inside”. As the warmer weather comes, this will become more regular so I’m just going to start calling the police. They should all get done for drunk driving anyway.

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