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on the other hand…

March 14, 2010

I was hoping Litte N would come early. This was back in December. I’ve been having Braxton Hicks since September and was having a lot of them in December (probably due to stress. Holidays and all.) and was convinced enough to tel everyone that I was sure this little girl was going to come sooner rather than later. All truth be told, what do I know? If the doctor doesn’t know anything than who am I to say when she is going to come? Yes, yes, it is my body and I am the one that feels her and I have the intuition, etc, but that is really nothing when it comes to predicting when a baby decides to come into this world.

I am still hoping she comes a few days earlier than April 6. I am a bit done with this pregnancy. Not that I have anything major to complain about, I am simply looking forward to being able to stretch my aching legs properly, do some yoga and pilates, run after Queenie, sit up without getting a cramp or loosing my breath and not having my muscles cramp up from doing simple things like opening jars, reaching sideways into my purse or having my arm twisted from trying to brush out the curly hair of a screaming toddler. I don’t mind being pregnant. I feel healthy and good. I feel fine, really, considering the ginormous belly in front of me. I can still carry Queenie, I have quite a bit of energy, but I’m ready to meet Little N and continue our family as a unit of four members.

A few days early wouldn’t be bad. For me, selfishly, this coming week wouldn’t be bad. I would like that. On the other hand it would be bad as we don’t have much of anything prepared and her abuelos aren’t set to come until April 1. obviously they will come when we ask them to, but if it were to be a quick labor and delivery we would be in trouble as the quickest they can be here would be about 10 hours considering them packing, getting abuelita ready and okay to be alone and driving the 7 hours it takes to get here. So, really coming a few weeks early wouldn’t be that good. Besides the fact that it wouldn’t allow time for Queenie’s abuelos to learn and understand how important her new routine is.

I was talking about this with my mother earlier today. Queenie’s routine in France is much healthier for her and has led to far fewer outbursts of frustration on both of our parts. But this routine is far from that of most Spanish children and most definitely far different from that of her abuelos. I wouldn’t ask her abuelos to change their own routine, but it will be nice to have a few days to instill in them the importance of keeping her on her routine. To give her breakfast at 9Am, go outside around 10:30am with a snack. Have lunch ready for her to eat around 12pm. Play. Get her in bed for a nap between 1pm and 2pm, etc. It will be nice to have a few days to explain to them how the routine changes when she has a bad night of sleep and the options that they have in the routine (eating lunch outside in order to stay in the park longer). Besides all of this it will be nice for them to know where to buy bread and fruit and meat. Not that they couldn’t figure it out, but what with having Queenie on their hands I’m sure it will be easier for them to just KNOW instead of having to search.

And I have to say now, after all of my professing that Little N was going to come early that I no longer really believe it. She may come a day or two or three early but I don’t think she will be born in March. Honestly, she moves too much to have her head engaged, in my non-medical opinion. But as I said before, what do I know?

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