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Home to stay

March 16, 2010

Principe came home today from Spain. No, not from a long work weekend, but from a bachelor party weekend. That’s right. An entire weekend devoted to torturing the friend next in line to get married. Apparently it was a lot of fun throwing eggs at their friend whilst naked in the cold March weather, and pelting each other with paintballs (that sounds like a nice stress reliever) and basically drinking the land dry.

But now it’s time to stay home, my friend, it is time to stay home.

He smiled when I told him that and then immediately thanked me for allowing him to go.

What a polite man.

Like he wouldn’t have made a stink if I had said anything against it. They purposely organized the whole weekend around me giving birth in order for Principe to be able to go, so unless the doctor was certain Little N was going to come early or put me on bed rest, there was no way I was going to tell him to stay.

What’s the point?

My inlaws, mother and SILs had a different opinion. My mother expressed it with shock and a playful tisk-tisk. My inlaws told their son flat out that he shouldn’t go, that he was a degenerate for even considering it and went on to use his own birth as an example as to how things can change at any moment. (He was born prematurely in a clinic that had no incubator. His father had to drive him, hours old, to the hospital, leaving his mother alone thinking the worst. The doctor told them not to even bother because he wasn’t going to make it. This was Spain thirty years ago. LOTS has changed since.) I had the urge to counterpoint with examples that Principe’s mother has given me about her prenatal care (or lack thereof), but I held my tongue. When they called this past weekend to see if I had spoken to him (basically fishing around for info on how much he was drinking, something I never tell them so I’m not sure why they still try to fish) they told Queenie to give her papa a good punch in the nose when he came home for leaving when I am 37 weeks along.

I’m glad Queenie had no idea what they were saying and just continued to show them her choo-choo through the webcam.

My SILs admitted that they would never allow their husbands off the hook to go out partying if they were 37 weeks along.

But if you are the one that doesn’t “allow” them, I thought, and nothing happens, wouldn’t you feel bad?

It’s one thing for the husband to decide not to go. It is another for the wife to refuse him.

Don’t you think?

But now he is home to stay. For good. At least through the month of April.

Besides, as I said before, pay back comes in the form of girls night out when my girlfriends come to visit!

Anyone want to come visit?

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