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An in-depth look at Queenie

March 18, 2010

As I sit in my kitchen sipping my coffee (trying to make it last as I can only have one still….!) and I listen to Queenie march up and down the hallway banging a tiny wooden spoon against this little bamboo mat that I bought in Thailand (it is a spice mixing set, she just doesn’t use the wooden Elephant as part of her tambourine) singing, “Ahoo, haaa, boo, bababa, dah-haaaaaaaaaa!” then just as suddenly as she start she throws her musical instrument to the floor and runs whining for Deedee, I grin and think a little more about this little being I get to call my daughter. My Queenie. The morning is half over and we have been awake since quarter to 6. There was no getting her back to sleep. Nothing worked. So we got up and watched some cartoons. A rarity in the mornings here, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Now I can. Now I think of all the hundreds of things my grandmother would have gotten done by this time in the morning were she in my shoes, but when it is 6AM my mind is blank. Ah, well. Never ending cycle.

But I was thinking about Queenie and how much she loves to twirl and how much her twirling bothers Principe (“because it just can’t be good for her brain”), how she loves to sing (although she can’t pronounce any of the words to any song correctly and has just as hard of a time singing on key as her parents, and dance and color and draw and “bake”, so I started making a list. I did this more for my other blog that is all about Queenie for her grandparents and family who don’t get to see her very often (which will bring me to a different post later this afternoon…..ohhh, the anticipation!), but I thought I would share it with you. Toddlers are funny, as we all know, and since I love hearing about the quirky things that other people’s toddlers do, I thought you might enjoy what my little  Queenie does!

Ho-ho are windows
Bitu-papa means wake up, papa
pitu means por favor
pees means please (notice that this is the first word she says differently for each language)
taintu means thank you, gracias
atu means avion (plane) and she somehow knows that papa is connected to planes. The other day she saw one in the sky and said, “Mama, atu-papa.” Interesting, huh?
Sho means adios. She can say bye-bye perfectly.

1. She colors for about two to three hours a day in total.
2. Choo-choo is her favorite toy (a wooden train).
3. She knows how to change babydoll’s diaper, clean her eyes and nose with saline and give her a bottle.
4. In true artist fashion she tosses each piece of paper on the floor as she finishes with it to make room on her table for the next masterpiece canvas.
5. She likes to repeat, “Oh, man!”
6. Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy (little figurines that came with her train) kiss on the lips when they say hi and bye and hold hands as they walk.
7. everything is purple, since it is the only color she can say, but she will try to repeat the correct color if you give her time to do so.
8 She likes to spell. She tries it first in her language but will repeat the letters if you give her time in between each one. She can say S, O and I really well. F and A are a little harder. (Can you guess which word she likes to spell the most? It’s because I decorated big letters of her name and hung them from her wall so she sees them everytime she is in her room!)
9. Strawberries are always a go (especially the freeze-dried ones that come in cereal) and anything purple or pink she will eat. Green and yellow are her least favorite colors to eat.
10. If I’m on the computer and she wants to play with me she takes off my glasses and walks away.
11. She knows baby sister is in my belly and that the doctor can show her to us. When the ultrasound screen comes alive with a baby head she squeals, “baby!”
12. Not being able to speak French has not yet been a problem on the playground.
13. She is still incredibly generous with her toys with other kids and absolutely passive-aggressive. We have to rescue her quite often from other kids who take the road of force.
14. She still wakes up numerous times a night and at least once or twice a week she is awake for 1-2 hours during the wee hours of the morning. We are going to the doctor tomorrow to talk about fixing this.
15. She goes to bed by herself and rarely complains about it.
16. She is fascinated with, and loves to point out, the fact that all humans and animals have, “Eye, eye, no (nose), mou (mouth).”

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