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This is where I live Thursday

March 25, 2010

After a two hour nap in which I thought I heard Queenie wake up three times and three times I went to see what was going on only to find her snoring away I am feeling both better and worse. You know how sometimes when you take a nap the only thing you get is the realization that you really just need to sleep more? That is how I feel right now. My house is a mess, my inlaws come in just four days and dinner still needs to be made. Leftovers, it is!

Anyway, yesterday Queenie and I took a long walk. Not on purpose, actually, but it felt great at any rate. She ended up falling asleep (!) in the stroller for an hour and then not taking a nap later on. But let’s not talk about sleep right now!

Here are some views of the city from Pont Saint Michel looking north towards the center of the city and Saint Sernin (a church). My camera doesn’t really capture the beauty very well, the gray day also didn’t help, so I will probably post pictures of this view again at some point. Maybe in the summer when the trees have leaves on them!

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  1. March 25, 2010 6:29 pm

    Grey days do happen! Lovely pictures still!

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